Acrostic Festive Seasons


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Standing Stones (Image S.C. Vincent)

During certain times of the year

A number of revellers can be found

Notably dancing around the odd standing stone

Celebrating a harvest or maybe a god or two

Expecting good things in the months to come
Acrostic Christmas Festive Food Memories

Bubble and Squeak

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Salford, 26th December 2019

By the time the pans were in the sink

undertakings of the Christmas leftovers were being sorted out

bird of the day stripped down to its carcass and

boxed up – and placed in the refridgerator

like the vegetables left behind from the feast

everyone knew what was for tomorrows dinner

Sizzle – went the pan – as meat and vegetables combined

quickly in motion with the aid of a bit of oil and butter

unlike the meal before it – this had a flavour all of its own

encompassing all its ingredients and perhaps one or two more

as the smell of the concoction – drifted on the cold winter air – leaving the

kitchen and wafting under the noses of everyone nearby




Pull up a chair, take in a show

As you watch a tale, read to little ones at


There’s a range of characters

On the stage, in bright coloured attire

Making Mirth , for your entertainment

If you’re lucky – they’ll be a

Musical number or maybe magic tricks and

Everyone enjoys the antics of the panto animals

Acrostic Christmas Festive Poetry


Salford 22nd December



Falling temperatures lead to heightened

Excitement, among children

Santa Claus is on his way,

To deliver special gifts

In time for Christmas morning

Voices of little ones heard up and down the land in

Excitement..”mum dad! Santa’s been..look under the tree”

Colours Festive Fruit Poetry Treats

Tangerine Days


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Tangerines –

always hang about after twelfth night

notice their smell –

generally piercing through the aroma of new years day dinner

everybody – enjoys one while they wait for the

roasted duck , pork or chicken to come out of the oven

in fact – the break from the chocolate will bring a smile

no one will bemoan you eating this festive fruit

everyone approves – its good for you!




Childhood Christmas Festive Growing up



I watched in awe as

the lights twinkled in the glow

of a winters moon


Cold air and Crisp Snow

gently drift on northern greens

painting the lawns white


Trees collecting snow

up high in their green branches

the evergreens trick


Church bells ring out – as

Rainbow coloured lights shine out

“A Joyful Christmas”


Christmas Festive Photography Tradition

Anticipation photo challenge

In response to the photo challenge prompt

looking forward to Christmas 🎄 😋

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The return of the lights

Salford, 12th December 2016

I have had a wonderful few days in the run up to the Christmas festivities

Manchester’s volunteer choir were well received at the volunteer celebration at the Town Hall, whilst the smells and sounds of the Christmas markets have been in full swing.

However, today I had the opportunity to take in the Latest instalment of the lightwaves festival which returned (alas, without the bunnies) to Salford Quays and Media city

DSC_000001 (1).JPG

The Doctor has landed on the Quayside.

And his enemies the Daleks decided to join him 🙂

For world-annihilating robot like creatures – they weren’t half a friendly bunch.

DSC_000001 (2).JPG

There was the odd astronaut….


and a children’s cartoon character or two, as Blackpool’s Illuminations landed on the dockside of Salford Quays, near to the Mediacity : UK complex.


Noddy and Big Ears parked by Postman Pat


The walkway to the illuminations was lit up by these very special Christmas trees.


and these floating boats produced a wonderful coloured light show on the waters of Erie Basin.


I liked the way they twinkled on the water and produced some wonderful patterns.

Christmas Festive Holidays

Looking through the christmas pics

It hasn’t been a bad Christmas season.  I say this in the third day of 2016, having just come home from St. Joseph’s Church in Salford – even though there’s three days to 12th night, the mass of the epiphany was said today.

I passed the crib on the way home, and said a prayer silently.

Mass itself was a subdued event – perhaps down to the festivities two or three days before – “We three kings” the opening hymn.

Apparently, I’ve been missed…having been visiting my little sister and her folks in the midlands on Christmas eve / day.

Christmas Eve was spent playing with the kids and having a lovely dinner before Santa’s arrival and my Nephews got to open their pressies

Santa’s Footprint – amongst the carnage of wrapping paper!

Festive Memories Tradition

Seeing in New Year

DSCF2241 (1).JPG

The scene may say 2012 – it’s a Carbon copy of the garden

this Christmas season

In response to the prompt

Stroke of Midnight

Midnight – the last few seconds of 2015 and the  first few seconds of 2016 found me stood outside the front door of the family Lancastrian terrace.

I’d skipped out the back door some seconds before – the streets strangely deserted…firework displays were going off in the northern air and in the distance, I heard the drone of Manchester’s force helicopter swooping overhead as it patrolled the main city centre celebration.

Around me it was strangely quiet – a neighbour passed me as I was waiting by the open gate – off on a walk, he said…New year would have to wait.

And then, I heard two sets of bells.  The first, from Big Ben on the telly inside, the followed shortly after by whooping and  cheering as the Town hall clock from Manchester town hall sounded.

I walked up the path – and knocked on the door.

And was greeted by Mum and Dad.

Auld Lang Syne played on the TV, as we watched the London Fireworks,

And then, popped out of the garden to watch the Manchester skies lit up with colour.

Before sitting down with a drink of our choosing, to watch Jools Holland’s Hootennany on the Alternative BBC channel.