Mission control

#FDDA #Writingspace

A Corner of a room

prepared with paper , pens , coloured pencils and such

placed randomly around a silver coloured laptop

located by a local view

if needed , a nearby camera will provide visual cues

combined with words from a number of coloured notebooks

as the ideas form and come together like a rocket

the sky is the limit as

imagination bakes the ingredients and with a little tweaking

out of nowhere, a

new piece is formed for people to read…..Liftoff!

Hotel for the birds

Salford, 23rd March 2019

Modified from an instagram post i posted this morning,

When i wake up

What do i see, beyond the works of

Writing on my desk ?

Wide, are the curtains flung – from

West to east – bringing light to the painted

walls where i do most of my scribbling

Marshmallow pillows float

softly in Salford Skies as

flocks of feathered friends

return from their alfresco restaurant, to

five star accommodation – peering across towards my way

as they enjoy the view.

Ghost Structures

Gasometers of Salford on Liverpool Street...Captured on Inky's camera and given a neon glow.
The old gasometers of Liverpool Street

In Order to make Salford look more like town

they’re tearing the old gasometers down

resplendent in their pastel blue

their removals caused a bit of a do’

as money men wave around their cash

trying to make the city look flash

Macolls Ghosts flies around in disgust

as they tore at the giants covered in rust

and locals they begin to frown

another landmark lost of the ‘dirty old town’


7th January 2019


I’ve been doing the six word stories over Christmas…this piece is inspired by one

The tree may be gone for another year

and the decorations might be back in the box

but around and about the house

there’s enough pixie dust in the air

to bring a smile to a little child’s eyes


in response to the prompt



a little like a hermit crab or cuckoo

the new build hides behind remains of the old

modernity concealed behind antiquity

cornices and gargoyles given a clean up

what lies behind the old place now?

its anybody’s guess

no signs of the buildings old use

beyond the front door


In response to the prompt Sanctuary

Salford, Monday 25th July 2016


by Brian F Kirkham

25th July 2016


My bedroom

My thinking space

My place to be me


A place to write

A place to listen

A place to read






Time to engage my inner thoughts

Place to record my inner feelings

Space to transpose my creative ideas


My Workspace

My Studio

My Sanctuary

Writing Spaces

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Writing Space.”

I find nowadays, its not so hard to find a place to sit down and write.

Lets look at today, Its a relatively clear November Morning in Salford, its quiet – not much traffic on the nearby road outside – and right at this moment – I’m sat at my desk in front of my little red laptop, typing this.  Notebooks cover the brownness of the wood, and there’s a reflection in a Video Display Unit that’s telling me I should really go downstairs to the kitchen and get my breakfast….

(There’s a pause while the writer nips down the stairs towards the kitchen and helps himself to a bowl of cereal)

And we’re back…

I return to my writing desk with One cup of steaming hot cocoa and one biscuit (chocolate, Digestive – there were no cookies, another thing for the to do list ) one pen and a notebook – and i’m scribbling down an idea that came to me whilst eating breakfast.  This pencil needs sharpening.  I let the sharpener have its fill, but I don’t let it go overboard …  Ever been stabbed in the hand by a pencil you’ve sharpened ?  I have – and its (Naughty word extracted) painful.

The blank sheet of A5 paper awaits – the seed of the idea has began to grow, but its growing ever so slowly.  So I scribble down anything what i have in whatever form I fancy on to the page….Thought Balloons, Character drawings and so on (I once wrote a romantic tale on a single sheet of A5 – characters, locations, the lot) the thing is don’t stop until you’ve filled the page – Editing comes later – in my case on the purring red Laptop that’s in front of me.

I might need some inspiration – so later i’ll take the notebook (the covered one you scribble in) and grab some reference material – from my second, third or fourth “office” (being the nearby green space, the quayside or one of the local museums) , where i’ll find a quiet spot to write / take photos. As AA Milne put it – even winnie-the-pooh needed a thinking spot.

When finished – i’ll take a break – return to the kitchen and make myself another cocoa – and sit down and enjoy it with a biscuit whilst I have a look at what I have done – Sometimes the seed of idea grows quickly – and i’ll just need a little tidying to produce an end product – whilst others may need a little extra care – thats when i’ll return to my desk and develop my scribbles, watching my ideas grow – and then, when time is right – i’ll start pruning.