Salford, 14th November 2019 #fowc #can Container – made of Aluminium – containing something Nice, Fruity and Fizzy Cornucopia of flavours held back by A steel ring pull Now Chillin’ in a cool space Could be a surprise upon opening A release of the fizz under pressure Nobody knowing what happens next – take cover!

Electric lime

#coloryourworld #cyw #electriclime 16th February 2017 Zingy little fruit, full of zest and flavor and powerful punch   perfect , placed in a jelly sparky flavours contained in a porcelain mould   Sparks of delight pop off on the tongue and your luminosity   Green for go ! your sign the party power switches are all turned on  

Mango Tango

#coloryourworld #cyw #mangotango Maybe it was love at first sight As the juice bar music 🎶 played on A mango entered into a dance 💃 with a fruity little thing a distant cousin of the orange 🍊 A whirlwind romance creating something colourful fresh and zesty in mister baristas mixing machine

Taking a biscuit for a paddle

When the weather is particularly choppy,  I like to sit down in a nice comfy chair and enjoy a biscuit with a cup of hot chocolate.  It reminds me a little of my youth, when I used to enjoy a cup with my little sister before bedtime.  We still share the same enjoyment of theContinue reading “Taking a biscuit for a paddle”

Hot Chocolate

In response to the prompt Pick Your Potion #CYW #Brown #Hot #Chocolate #Beverage Brown Gold. That’s what it is, hot steaming liquid gold. A perfect thing on a cold, frosty winters morning A cup of warming hot chocolate. It waft’s the aroma of something pleasing on a frosty day and warms up the fingers inContinue reading “Hot Chocolate”

Chocolate Dreams

A poem from 2015….the first post of 2016 Happy new year, WordPressers! The chocolate fell at speed into the vortex of swirling bubbling milk Steam from Frothy Velvety Milk rose delightfully transporting Orange Chocolate scents into the air Rising like bubbles of Mississippi Mud Happy Hippopotamuses Mused Perfect end of the day before hitting PurpleContinue reading “Chocolate Dreams”

Chocolate Dreams

Chocolate Dreams In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pick Your Potion.” I really enjoy a Hot Chocolate at the end of the day. Particularly on winter days like today. I love it when the hot cocoa melts into the milk releasing the lovely smell of dark milk or white chocolate into the air. It’sContinue reading “Chocolate Dreams”