Recipe for Success

#Writeclub #Recipeforsuccess What makes up a successful day? Recipes vary – so make it your way curious minds working together in a task putting in an effort for the public when asked solving dilemmas in imaginative ways and providing answers to all in a day giving directions so people get to a sport whether BowContinue reading “Recipe for Success”


#WDYS In response to the What do you see? prompt Its like the words flew off the page as they drew a picture of a pirate and his crew searching a far off island on the search for buried treasure and as i tell the tale two little heads, play peek a boo under theContinue reading “Imagination”

the sky is the limit

#socs #theskyisthelimit The sunshine peeks through the panes of glass and what do you see? feathered friends flying over local rooftops navigating through clouds and fog and resting on terracotta tiles meanwhile you’re sat indoors, held prisoner by a microscopic bug don’t let that stop you though – there’s thousands of places you can goContinue reading “the sky is the limit”

Pint Sized Sheriff

#Writeclub #poetry #Nursery #Playground #School Note from Inky : I’ve used the english terms for the younger end of school here, i realise they might be different elsewhere! In response to the write club prompt “I am the law” Written in a moment of insomnia by inky. The posse in the playground are all takingContinue reading “Pint Sized Sheriff”

Mission control

#FDDA #Writingspace A Corner of a room prepared with paper , pens , coloured pencils and such placed randomly around a silver coloured laptop located by a local view if needed , a nearby camera will provide visual cues combined with words from a number of coloured notebooks as the ideas form and come togetherContinue reading “Mission control”

Fantasy Island

#Writephoto #Fantasy For years that place in the middle of the sea was a folly, a place for the well to do’s to admire from their nice windows of the lakeside apartments today, its so much more than this – it’s a place where your imagination can go mad somewhere you can land your boatContinue reading “Fantasy Island”

Chasing Rainbows

A response to photo challenge #319 at Appearance of seven bright colours Breaking through the skies leads to a Chase through the streets by some in a Desperate (or plain daft) attempt to grab Elven, pixie or Leprechaun treasure Fate decrees though, by the time the hunters Get to their multi-coloured target , theContinue reading “Chasing Rainbows”


#SoCS #Fan Salford 6th June 2020 For many years , i’ve been a fan of the fantasy genre. as Local folk writers with hi tales of mystical lands near to, or in the vicinity of my home garden terrific and tantalizing tales of witches and wizards all playing round in a coppice or wood someContinue reading “Fantasy”