Toy Story

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Salford 6th September

I can see them now

scattered around on the floor

those little bricks that stuck together

some square – some rectangles

some red, some yellow, some blue, some green

we made trees and houses

for the little lego people

that rode around in the cars

on the stubbily green grass outside the house

we’d just built

Back filling the well

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Hi Folks – Anybody expecting a post yesterday, I do apologise – I slightly overdid it and ended up taking to my bed earlier than I first thought I would!

Note to self – don’t go Marching off to the computer store for an Ipad Cover after an Afternoon Shift at the war Museum….

Anyway, here’s my report on Tuesdays Memory Workshop….

What’s your idea of Utopia?

As part of an Activity to engage an open mind we had Carte Blanche to create our own perfect world


Think of Sid Meiers Civilization Game but on Paper…

we had to answer questions on

What the climate and landscape would be,

What kind of Animals and Plants were on this world

What people were like on this island

What they did for fun …. (Careful..!!!! Inky)

Where they worked

What kind of Place was it like


By the end of the session – i’d created my own little island community, with sandy beaches, Tropical flowers and fruits , full of colourful flowers and surrounded by cocoa trees clear blue seas with lots of fish and plots for vegetables – so we could have fish and chips –

I resisted the temptation to go all wonka and have Lemonade lakes and edible grass – maybe that’s an idea for another island! :))

Imaginary Friend – Or Concience ?

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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Imaginary Friend.”

They say you grow out of imaginary friends as you get older.

Anybody who’s watched the film “Drop Dead Fred” will probably disagree with you.

You see, I had several imaginary friends from time to time – they kept me company when I felt alone or worried and helped me out when I was trying to work things out in my head.

They also introduced me to Choco-Hazelnut-Orange pancakes…but that’s another story.


For some reason, my imaginary pals were all animals – there were bears, tigers, pandas and elephants – My favourites were the bears – possibly down to the fact the bears had helped me through two particularly hard times which could have been touch and go at the local hospital.  And these fellows are persistent – getting me through a college and university course long after the operations….

So when i’m feeling a little bit down in the dumps or there’s a problem I cant solve right away – I know they’ll be there…