Tag: Mustard

  • Do i like mustard?

    #socs #closeeyesandpoint now here’s something for a Saturday Afternoon apparently there’s more mustard in the world than custard \ i dont mind if its on a burger – or hidden away in some sauce or dish, but it surprised me to find out (thanks to the elves @ QI) that i’d been eating variants of […]

  • Beefburgers

    Balanced Exquisitely between two halves of Extremely seeded sunflower buns Fully loaded beef patties, grilled to perfection Backed up with fried onion, lettuce and tomatoes Under the bap … sauces of your choosing, Right royal mix of ketchup, mustard and mayo Granted you don’t have to have all three and Everybody knows the gherkin is […]

  • Yellow

    #Coloryourworld #Cyw #Yellow I like the colour yellow, like the way it appears in a sunny day or a soft boiled egg at breakfast so many colours depend on it we’d have bluegrass on the lawn and funny coloured sunflowers and Citrus fruits ? No Orange, Lemon or Lime So Have a Banana! and Rejoice! this bright […]