Desk (V2)

#Napowrimo A Place where writing implements go to sleep Hewn from the finest tree trunks a place where the little apes transfer their thoughts using pencil to paper some use pen, some use paper some use crayon, and some use colour words and pictures cascade on the page and then when finished, they return theirContinue reading “Desk (V2)”

Mission control

#FDDA #Writingspace A Corner of a room prepared with paper , pens , coloured pencils and such placed randomly around a silver coloured laptop located by a local view if needed , a nearby camera will provide visual cues combined with words from a number of coloured notebooks as the ideas form and come togetherContinue reading “Mission control”


Salford, 28th January 2017 A post for the weekly photo challenge – Repurpose Things reused for not what they were supposed to be… This can be illustrated nicely in my office cum bedroom   Its a Tin, an old biscuit tin….regular readers of my blog might recognise it – but a couple of Christmas’s ago,Continue reading “Repurpose”

A scribblers tools

Pens and Pencils Some say, I’ve got a young bill Shakespeare to thank for the ink drop blog you see before you although I’d say I’m not at his standard yet.. i will freely admit, I’m no professional .the recognition my work has received has been gracefully accepted depending on the media used, I useContinue reading “A scribblers tools”