Its what she does

noting down the events of the day

scribbling it down in her journal

penning down memories

in ink, of her time by the sands

revelling at the sights of birds and butterflies

as she enjoyed an impromptu snack by the sea

the birds passing by, as snacks are munched

in the distance – the

odd boat passes by, you never know – the

nautical craft might get a mention


an ode to egyptian picture writing

around and about the pharoahs abode

writings that others could conside code

pictures instead of letters about

telling of chariot races rode

and imports of goods brought by load

news from desert and over the nile

read by egyptians coming down road

and making the noblemen all smile


Coffee Shop Poet

#writeclub #coffeeshoppoet

“John at the bar is a friend of mine – he gets me my drinks for free” (Piano Man – B.Joel)

Somethings brewin’

not in the kettle

and not in the coffee machine but

paper’s developing a masterpiece

Created in the Coffee shop

out of observations

fixed in the mind

flowing words fall on to the page

ears prick up at the news

everyone there wants to hear it

Performed on an impromptu stage

as you read it in front of a mic’

some like it, some don’t, some love it

that’s your audience for you

rewards ? – Gold , Silver, Nickel or Copper

You’ll get your snacks for now’t



#WWP #Ink

It makes quite an impression

travelling from well to page

communicating words thoughts and ideas

from quill , pen or printer

to paper


Stuck in the Mud

You thought it would be easy,

ignoring all the hallows

crossing the river as you did

safe (so you thought) , in the shallows

the water was cool and slow

as you dipped your toes in fast

but as you crossed to the the other side

you found yourself aghast

For the soft brown mud, at the bottom of the bank

your feet were stuck, and quick it sank

for round your feet, the mud it wrapped

and for now, your feet were trapped


The last chapter

#promptuarium #writing #library #books

The chief librarian was a bit perturbed

the books on the shelf had been disturbed

the books they seemed that all was fine

until the examined each of their spines

See with some ease and reletive dexterity

someone hand set the last chapters free

driving the readers around the bend

as the stories had beginning, a middle but no end

The staff did wonder – reasons why

someone would make the pages fly

till one day – the pieces appeared

along with the fellow – who looked weird

It turned out he read books back to front

as he moved the books with a shunt

so the library staff showed him the picture books

to stop him getting any funny looks

Childhood Poetry


#Napowrimo #questions

Where is this country, uncle ?

said this rather inquisitive chap

he’d just come round from forty winks

having had an impromptu nap

Can you help me draw it, uncle ?

I’m having a problem is true

so if you’d help me with this problem

i’m having a bit of a do!

Can we make something Uncle ?

Something nice and sweet

Jam Tarts or maybe chocolate cake

a tasty tea time treat

And when we’ve had our tea-time food

and filled up all our bellies ,

Can we watch some Cartoons on the box?

Our favourite afternoon telly!

Character Home Learning Life

Desk (V2)


A Place where writing implements go to sleep

Hewn from the finest tree trunks

a place where the little apes

transfer their thoughts using pencil to paper

some use pen, some use paper

some use crayon, and some use colour

words and pictures cascade on the page

and then when finished, they return their tools

to a nice spot on the corner of the tree trunk

some might need a hair cut, for the next time they’re used

but for now, they sleep, dreaming of a rainbow of colours



#thought #definition

Alternate definition : where writing implements sleep

crafted from the finest tree

a spot where writing implements

relax before pursuing their art

engaging colour shape and form on paper or canvas

fulfilling the artists ideas and concepts

until the task is done, only then will they

lie down and take a nap


Mission control

#FDDA #Writingspace

A Corner of a room

prepared with paper , pens , coloured pencils and such

placed randomly around a silver coloured laptop

located by a local view

if needed , a nearby camera will provide visual cues

combined with words from a number of coloured notebooks

as the ideas form and come together like a rocket

the sky is the limit as

imagination bakes the ingredients and with a little tweaking

out of nowhere, a

new piece is formed for people to read…..Liftoff!