An ink explosion

#octpowrimo #ifiwereyou opinion is a wonderful thing but after you’ve vented your spleen across two pages of finest vellum re read, recollect your thoughts, and rewrite for once you’ve stuck it in the envelope and it’s journeyed to the news paper a different edition of who you are will be plastered over the letters pageContinue reading “An ink explosion”

Churning up ideas

Churn Sat in the corner in the inkwell a mountain of thoughts, scribbles and ideas moments, events and drawings residing in a purple box churning away till lightning strikes and sentences form from that mass of written work and sent down the line at some great speed for someone a long way off to digestContinue reading “Churning up ideas”


A few thoughts by inky on todays daily prompt Study Sat in a room, lined with literary works The lad peers through his assessment Understandably, he might not produce the works of Keats this evening, but with Dutiful observance, and conscientious research – he might just do well at his Year Tutors Assessment of hisContinue reading “Study”

Poetry Workshops

14th September 2017 Today i’ve had my hands in the soapsuds helping out at BASICs Cafe, Food for thought. I’ve also been assisting in helping to run a poetry workshop in the conservatory. we discussed what makes a poem and the different kinds of poem you could write covering everything from Rhymes to Acrostics, HaikusContinue reading “Poetry Workshops”


Continue Continually updating your personal web Over days, weeks and Nights to please your public is a Tireless pursuit – albeit an endless one In time , you master the art of providing New material for your readers delight…but Until you decide to pull the plug, the Eternal quest for new material carries on