Masterpiece ii

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Made from the finest beef

And vegetables fresh from the north of england

Something stupendous has been prepared

Transforming the ingredients into something that

Excites the tastebuds, as meat and potato dance

Round the pan with carrots and leeks

Pepper, salt and herbs

In a tango to 

Excite the senses

Coming together on the plate…a dish

Everyone will enjoy

Secret Recipe

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#Food #Hamburger #Poetry

Salford,13th August 2018

You’re left with a dilemma

as you demolish your Quarter Pounder with Cheese

what was it – in the burger – or the sauce that

made your mouth drool at the sight of it?

They don’t call it a special sauce for nothing

As you retrieve the gherkin slice for the umpteenth time

Seasonings form a list in your head – everything from

Tomato and Onion to Mustard, salt and vinegar, and

Yet, although it makes your tastebuds go – identifying it is a mystery

Brian’s Banana Loaf

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Another challenge from WordPress’ 365 Writing Prompts

If a restaurant were to name something after you, what
would it be? Describe it.

(Ok….Dailypost, here goes nothing….!!!)

A pure delight

a combination of sweet bananas

flour , butter eggs and chocolate chips

not forgetting the sugar of course

creamed together the main ingredients

and the star of the show folded through

stuck in a buttered greaseproof tin

and sat in a nice warm oven

Towards end of cooking – cook the custard

Take out of oven – cut a very big slice

and cover in the custard

and simply – enjoy.

Gorden Bleu!

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14th July 2017

Dusting down the old poetry notebooks again…

An Old poem recovered from my dusty old box of writings, written back in October 2012, when i was reminiscing on my Ambassadorial experiences…and mum and dad were out of the house – so i had to go foraging….


Thursday evening and I’m on the hunt for some tea

after spending an hour in’th museum or three

so i pick up me notebook from BASIC thats laid

and search for a recipe to come to my aid


I hop to the market to buy me some fish

to try and do justice to a most yummy dish

I chop up an Onion and a jar of some sauce

and not forgetting the pasta of course


I boil up some water from kettle to pan

and add the twirly pasta, according to plan

and so it don’t stick, or so it don’t spoil

i add to the pan a drop of veg oil.

I fry off the onion, in the oil in the pan

and then add the fish thats been sealed in the can


and when pasta’s done i then add the sauce

covering every morsel of course.

And when pasta’s bubbling – it’s time for my tea

so i’ll plate up and eat up – turning off the TV.


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12th June 2016


When you look at the art of the written word

understanding what’s written on the page is important

particularly, if you’re making a cake

A fine line tween success and failure

Misreading a teaspoon for a tablespoon

even to a most learned chef – can lead to disaster

as what can be produced – can be quite inedible

When Life gives you lemons…make a pie

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In response to the challenge Pie

Yes they’re sour – but they’re still a fruit.

and there is nothing more refreshing  than a Lemon Meringue Pie.


The colour of the filling practically sings of a summer day.

So, you prepare your pie dish – I have been told there’s a cheats way of making this.  But its awfully risky – where you make up a cheesecake base from digestive biscuits  and mould it to the tin.  I suggest using your regular shortcake pastry – Blind Baked.  The walls of the pie have to be pretty sturdy, or the wet lemon filling will ooze out before its had time to set properly.

Squeeze your lemons, into a bowl – add some sugar and gelatine – And finally some lemon zest.  Cook it down till the ingredients have come together and then set aside

Check your pie crust – take it out of the pie dish and place on a large plate – then fill the pie with your lemon filling.  If you wish – you may want to layer the base with lemon curd – but its not necessary, its optional – place the pie in a cold part of the refrigerator and leave until the lemon filling has set in the piecrust.  It should be set like jelly in the case.

Then make up your meringue – egg whites and sugar – mix in a bowl until the egg whites have taken up all the sugar. The Meringue should be opaque.  Take your pie out of the fridge and cover the lemon filling with the meringue . You can pipe this out with a piping bag or place the meringue on top with a large spoon.  Once covered place back in the oven under the grill and wait until the meringue begins to brown

Leave to cool in a dry area. and then – when the pie is cooled…

Slice up liberally and serve with either cream or ice-cream, and enjoy!