Mystery All Hallows eve, Salford 2017 Maybe it was a ghost that paid a visit yesterday – but if that’s the case some ghost has a taste for cocoa and cookies taken from my suppertime plate each cookie now resembling a crescent moon reduced levels in the cocoa mug yes its a puzzle – whodunnitContinue reading “Mystery”

Thursday Afternoon 4PM

#Weekendcoffeeshare Sat in a coffee house of Italian Style Giving my feet a rest for a while having traversed the floor of a great gallery my feet need a rest – and I start to agree   I order a late lunch – between two bread rolls and sit down at table to rest upContinue reading “Thursday Afternoon 4PM”

Chocolate Dreams

A poem from 2015….the first post of 2016 Happy new year, WordPressers! The chocolate fell at speed into the vortex of swirling bubbling milk Steam from Frothy Velvety Milk rose delightfully transporting Orange Chocolate scents into the air Rising like bubbles of Mississippi Mud Happy Hippopotamuses Mused Perfect end of the day before hitting PurpleContinue reading “Chocolate Dreams”

The Power of Touch

<a href=””>The Power of Touch</a> It’s a powerful little thing that digit of yours. As it touches the things around you, its little tiny nerve endings are sending messages to your brain The soup is hot , the ice cream is cold and so on But then there’s so much more The feel of the barkContinue reading “The Power of Touch”