Salford 19 September 2019 #fowc #nebulous Noted – you’re in a bit of a haze over this…but every cloud has its silver lining born out of a culinary experiment that went amiss up to the adding of the popping candy, everything looked fine – till the batter mix leaped out of the pan and landedContinue reading “Nebulous”


#Fowc #Food # Turnover Salford 15th April 2019 A tale of an Apple Turnover This is a bit of a wonder Undeniable – the baker is a bit of a marvel Ripe apples transformed into a take home delight Nice eaten hot with custard Or cold with a bit of icecream Varieties exist – someContinue reading “Turnover”

Almond and Raspberry Bake

#Threewords #Food #Baking 8th September 2018 I was never a fan of almonds as a child come to think of it – i never liked any nut if it was still in its shell. it might have had something to do with the way you could never break them open after the joys of unwrappingContinue reading “Almond and Raspberry Bake”

Transformation II

Transformation in the kitchen magic is performed as yellow butter white sugar brown flour some eggs and mixed fruit join together in harmony with the aid of nutmeg, cinnamon and mixed space   popped in the oven and left to combine they jump about in the warm and become solid or baked forming a mostContinue reading “Transformation II”

Garden Apple Pie

  A San-San By Brian F Kirkham (Inky)   The branches against the household wall holds fruit that’s ripening for a pie blackberry stems bring fruit with flavour this season that answers to the pastries call over with envy the birds do fly could this be why it cooks with haste ? depriving the featheredContinue reading “Garden Apple Pie”


Apprentice Written by Brian F Kirkham for the Apprentice prompt 7/5/2017   Flour strewn across the table cocoa liberally cast on the floor cinnamon dust lines the air cutting through the icing sugar fog And through the icing sugar mist the young lad who’s eager to learn emerges to grab his bosses attention he wasContinue reading “Apprentice”


#coloryourworld #cyw #cerise   Chosen for its vibrant pinks each rose, beautifully set against white royal icing red in some ways, more deep pink in others it’s vibrancy happily cheers “Hello!” some might say cherries might have been a better decoration, but everyone agrees – its perfect for a mothers day tea.