#Fowc #Battle There’s always fighting somewhere…. Land, Places Resources, Religion All led by crackpot ideas and beliefs Of course, the one’s leading the charge Disappear off to the back of the crowd While his (or her) men are fighting it out Leaving them chance – to act all statesmanlike at a memorial of stone withContinue reading “Battle”

Filling in the Blanks

Blank The scroll of paper was pinned to the wall ready for action   It remained as it was for a number of minutes as little thinkers – Thought   Blank white paper with nothing to say but – “FILL ME IN”   Suddenly a word, two or three accompanied by colours diagrams and picturesContinue reading “Filling in the Blanks”

Night and Day

in response to the prompt : Because the Night Productivity Now there’s a word to conjure with. I could say I get my best Ideas during the first hours of the morning.  There’s plenty to think about, ranging from the thoughts of why my folks insist on leaving their digital radio alarm clock to goContinue reading “Night and Day”