Sweet supper

Salford 19th August 2019 #Food #Sandwich #Hazelnut #Chocolate #Spread #Supper Sat in the kitchen – pondering What to have to satisfy my inner pooh bear End of the cupboard – the bread bin End of the corner cupboard – the provisions store Taking the last of the hazelnut spread tween two pieces of wholemeal –Continue reading “Sweet supper”

Light green moments

Salford, 8th September 2018 Saturday morning, and I’m pondering the next shade of colour in fees fun foto challenge lime green now you say lime green to me, and my artistic thoughts go directly to the fruit bowl But limes nowadays seem much darker in tone than what I’d normally associate them with….you would haveContinue reading “Light green moments”


Messy It might look like world war three has arrived in the kitchen but in reality , a masterpiece has been created sticky fingers and flour dust on kitchen tops even more on the cupboard doors and floor colourful paintwork adorned on the table tops while the finished article hangs on the refrigerator door andContinue reading “Messy”

Things with two Ts

#CFFC #LetterT Challenge for the Letter T entry was a little different – any photo but must have two Ts in the title So as i pondered over some buttered toast , i considered what sort of images i could use I like butterflies, i like the coloured patterns on their wings I took this picture ofContinue reading “Things with two Ts”


Sandwich Scouting out the kitchen cupboards armed with two ciabatta rolls navigating your way through the meat in the fridge dark red salami and piquant spiced ham await with tempting tomato and cool cucumber in reach in the salad drawer coming together with mayo in a heavenly combination

Fizz bomb

#coloryourworld #atomictangerine the atomic tangerine 🍊 dropped into the pool of clear hot water 💦 Reactions to the spheres arrival as it nose dived into the blue were instantaneous…. Little children 👶 smiled away not it in the way it fizzed away Like orangeade exploding into the blue but  mostly how its scent originally meantContinue reading “Fizz bomb”