Chocolate Dreams

#writeclub #chocolate #dreams Crafty little easter bunnies having had us give up the sweet stuff over 8 weeks of spring carry their baskets of candied heaven out amongst the town leaving special treats for the kiddies (and their mums and dads) in the house or garden toffees and bonbons to make anyone smile, inside eggsContinue reading “Chocolate Dreams”


#writeclub #freezing If you think you’re feeling cold today count yourself lucky you could be a bird hanging about in the winter time tending to its clutch of eggs while cold winds from the north blow through the trees that said, you could be a fish down in the water of the darkest sea theContinue reading “Freezing”

The plum pudding paradox

#socs #closeeyesandpoint Above, you’ll see a picture of a ‘traditional’ plum pudding, eaten at dessert time around the table at Christmas time….before anyone goes ballistic….i’m following the rules of the previous challenge – and it just happened to fall on the page on the origin Christmas puddings So, when did the craziness start inky? ThoseContinue reading “The plum pudding paradox”


#Fowc #combination some call it a recipe others a mixture several ingredients coming together in a bowl to form the perfect pudding and it isn’t the flour , butter or eggs that are the star of the show or even the fruit thats gone in or over it no – this is a team effortContinue reading “Combination”

Dont lick a Wasp

#writeclub #wasp Dont lick a wasp a reflection by inky I’ve always preferred Bees to wasps and there’s a very good reason why Bees when they sting – its a last resort they’d much more evade you and fly And while bees try their best to get away The wasp cannot be called “chilled” asContinue reading “Dont lick a Wasp”

Dragons Nest

#WDYS Image credit; Sean Thomas @ Unsplash The learned academic’s at the local seat of learning were slightly bemused to have spotted this beast it was stopping the students learning at the very least You see this mystical beast had found a home somewhere she could rest her legs atop the library marble dome a placeContinue reading “Dragons Nest”