Spiders in the house

Acrostic, Animals, Home, Insects, Poetry

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22nd June 2018

an acrostic from inkdrop

from a prompt from the imaginarium

sometimes I wonder why they’re there

popping up from out of the garden and setting up in the kitchen

i get the idea, these six legged fellows don’t like the cold…

desperate, they’ll weave their webs in hidden spaces, like

every cubby hole or stair cupboard

Resident, until cleared out with a head of a brush

Pest (An Acrostic)

Acrostic, Animals, Insects


Perhaps they’re not

Everybody’s cup of tea

Some think

They’re downright dangerous


People think that their

Eggs and larvae will eat through the house

Some forget –

They’re not termites – they prefer the soil.


Put in context though – If they weren’t there

Everyone of the animals that eats these insects would

Suddenly find they’re not around – and then soon they would go

Then what would you do ?


Animals, Food, Greece, Holidays, Insects

18th May 2017

A San-San poem – Origins rooted on the Greek Island of Crete



On holiday by a grecian water

I saw a flying insect having some tea

it flew for the pollen from flower to flower

occasionally passing a grecian sun or daughter

it was happy to pass through the flowers this bee

till it was time to head for home

where it spend a passing hour

away from the sun making honeycomb.


Acrostic, Art, Creatures, Insects, Poetry

Another acrostic by Inkdrop – in response to the daily post prompt


Ladybird pic – created by inkdrop in painter – from original black & white source at printablecolouringpages.co.uk


Man’s ability to miss the

Incredible detail of the world around them is legendary.

Nature can be seen all around us – even from

Underneath a glass tumbler.

Till you see it – you won’t appreciate what you see with your own

Eye, but when you do – you’ll tell everybody about the red spotted Ladybird on the Ledge

Tale of a Spider

Garden, Insects, Poetry

Spiders Web 2

Spiders Web 2

A spider visited the house one day,
She wanted me to come out and play.
scampering round in the hall
and up and down the mirrors and walls.

So out of the door I did go
She scampered off fast, as I went slow
and heading for the nearest tree
looking for something for her tea

At first I thought, the fence she’d cleared
but then in an instant – she reappeared
hanging her threads from the nearest tree
it looked like fine embroidery.

And then on a branch, I watched her wait
for something to catch and put on her plate
a swarm of flies through the sky
and towards the middle of the web they did fly

So as I sat, enjoying a treat,
The spider sat central in her web to eat
eating a few bugs, without little haste
and wrapping the rest up so they wouldn’t go to waste!