Butterfly in the Garden

Bringing a flash of colour from the movement of its wings the sight of them landing on the greens oh what joy it brings like windows of brightness they appear on the green having grown from caterpillars mostly unseen with wings translucent it passes by it brings to the watcher a smile who watches asContinue reading “Butterfly in the Garden”

Adventures in the garden

#Promptuarium #HugeCreatures we went looking for bugs in the garden each of us using a magnifier, every kind of insect was spotted varying from a caterpillar to a spotty ladybird in fact many were interested in our looking glass – 7 weevils in a line looked like monsters!

Spiders in the house

#spiders #web #house 22nd June 2018 an acrostic from inkdrop from a prompt from the imaginarium sometimes I wonder why they’re there popping up from out of the garden and setting up in the kitchen i get the idea, these six legged fellows don’t like the cold… desperate, they’ll weave their webs in hidden spaces,Continue reading “Spiders in the house”


Sting Salford, 17th September 2017 Someone should have Told the sun worshipper to not go near that hive Instead they went on a honey hunt – and met some angry bees Note – they were whisked straight off to First aid – “Got to tell you” – said the nurse – this is going toContinue reading “Sting”

Pest (An Acrostic)

Pest Perhaps they’re not Everybody’s cup of tea Some think They’re downright dangerous   People think that their Eggs and larvae will eat through the house Some forget – They’re not termites – they prefer the soil.   Put in context though – If they weren’t there Everyone of the animals that eats these insectsContinue reading “Pest (An Acrostic)”


18th May 2017 A San-San poem – Origins rooted on the Greek Island of Crete   On holiday by a grecian water I saw a flying insect having some tea it flew for the pollen from flower to flower occasionally passing a grecian sun or daughter it was happy to pass through the flowers thisContinue reading “Honeycomb”