mystery ii

Salford 30th March 2019 #freedomofexpression #iscriblr #mystery a response to iscriblrs wonderful mystery challenge…enjoy. A strange thing happened the other night Under the cover of dark Something with a sweet tooth paid us a call He snook into the kitchen, without giving us a fright And sitting down at my birthday cake, he did parkContinue reading “mystery ii”

Challenge 30 – No10

Food…..or should I say Foooood! I could be some time with this particular part of the challenge !(sic) I mean where to begin – I’m a bit of a foodie. I enjoy my food – not just the meats but the pasta and vegetables as well. Christmas time sees a smorgasbord of delights, from SpicedContinue reading “Challenge 30 – No10”

Almond and Raspberry Bake

#Threewords #Food #Baking 8th September 2018 I was never a fan of almonds as a child come to think of it – i never liked any nut if it was still in its shell. it might have had something to do with the way you could never break them open after the joys of unwrappingContinue reading “Almond and Raspberry Bake”


Salford 17th August 2018 #Cake #Marzipan #Sweet #Battenburg #Sponge #Pudding #Jam Built like a sponge colossus to many – a teatime snack to enjoy just after your chops and vegetables now how much you have is down to you but then again – its a question of how much sponge unless of course, you don’tContinue reading “Battenburg”


Salford, 11th August 2018   Breakfast time comes early for Resident aviators in Salford’s skies each one has their favourite dish and some occasionally go for the fish down below in the waters of the dock caution though…avoids the shock as resident birds fall on bread and cake until the sun through the clouds breaksContinue reading “Breadcrumbs”


Conjure Crafting a dessert, is a bit of a magic trick Oranges sliced and pineapples diced get laid in a dish, and Next comes the syrup and then the batter, before the dish is covered in foil Just before the dish is put in the oven – four holes are made to let out steamContinue reading “Conjure”