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  • The plum pudding paradox

    The plum pudding paradox

    #socs #closeeyesandpoint Above, you’ll see a picture of a ‘traditional’ plum pudding, eaten at dessert time around the table at Christmas time….before anyone goes ballistic….i’m following the rules of the previous challenge – and it just happened to fall on the page on the origin Christmas puddings So, when did the craziness start inky? Those […]

  • Stifado


    #Food #Greek #Dish #Beef #Cinnamon An acrostic, written in honour of a dish i enjoyed a lot of during my travels to the greek islands. Served up in a traditional greek pot Traditionally cooked up with beef, tomatoes and onions It’s usually served up with some sort of pasta Fresh bay leaves, cinnamon And all […]

  • Too Much of a good thing

    Too Much of a good thing

    #food #chinese The box was clear – it said “Serves 6” hidden away within the circular foil tray little spicy moments ready to be released wonderous aromas of ginger, anise and five spice fused in a rich tomato and cinnamon base wafting under the nose as the tray turned, like a gymnast flipping the contents […]

  • Porridge

    Salford, 27th July 2020 Winter warmer ? fills the tum at any time of year bringing a glow of contentment with every loving spoonful tasty treat at any time of day perfect with honey, cinnamon, or even chocolate keeps your “inner bear” happy and brings a glow from your nose to your toes

  • Something to look forward to

    #Baking #food #pie #apple #pudding #writeclub Salford, 10th June 2020 The preparation seemed endless the pie dish lined with the finest pastry rolled out , sugared and buttered now sat there waiting for the filling The Smell of Bubbling Bramley apples merging together with sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon attracts the local feathered residents looking longingly […]

  • Turnover


    #Fowc #Food # Turnover Salford 15th April 2019 A tale of an Apple Turnover This is a bit of a wonder Undeniable – the baker is a bit of a marvel Ripe apples transformed into a take home delight Nice eaten hot with custard Or cold with a bit of icecream Varieties exist – some […]