Bank Holiday Monday

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#Easter #Holiday

The collective heads at the weather office

looked dumbfounded at the view outside the window

it was a common convention – it rained on a Bank Holiday

and yet, blue skies and sun were the order of the day

flowers were drenched in sunshine

and people were enjoying picnics in the park

as confectioners ran with their easter eggs

to keep their creations whole.

Going cold turkey for Lent

Childhood, Chocolate, Food

In response to the prompt

It’s hard giving up something you love,

even more when its everywhere in plain sight

but – you made the conscious decision

of giving up chocolate for Lent….

problem is – It’s EVERYWHERE!

Chocolate bars on the counter

Chocolate eggs on the supermarket shelf

So for thirty days – your chocolate cell acts like a demented toddler

“I Wanna bar of Chocolate!!!!” it screams

The arrival of the Easter Bunny can’t come soon enough.

Seasonal Scents

Christmas, Seasons

In Response to Seasonal Scents

As I write from my Suburban Terraced House in Salford, Lancashire – I’m reminded we’re still in Winter in Britain. Although the religious festival of Lent has arrived early, which normally means the onset of Spring – there’s a definite nip in the air.

Winter is hanging on for dear life




The smell of pine leaves was abundant around the streets around Christmas time, as was the all too familiar scent of Warm Minced pies, which were in every kitchen where a Christmas Dinner was served. Mulled Wine released the festive smells of Cinnamon , Nutmeg and Cloves in the Christmas Markets and it warmed the hands and the hearts of those who drank it as they walked around the festive stalls.

The Smell of Mulled Wine has been boxed away till next Christmas season, leaving a gap for wintry treats of hot chocolate to take its place.

Wafting aromas of chocolate, mint, caramel and orange travel up the nose. A perfect remedy for the last of the winter weather. As I write, the weatherman on the BBC announces not just Frost on the way – but Snow! So much for the Mercury rising. I’ll wait to see what Mother Nature delivers in the week.

And as Christmas is remembered, but not forgotten. Churches fill the air with scented candles as preparations are made for Easter time. One definite smell of Lent – the smell of the incense from the incense burner at Holy Week, Not for a while yet – but the candles are doing their best to fill the air with a Lenten smell.