Quite a caper!

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Harry Ramsdens, Old Trafford, Manchester

one saturday afternoon in May

mum and dad are down at little sisters – so here i am

eating a plate of cod and chips in the sunlight of a Manchester Summer

Haddock cant beat this combination

over the fish the tartar sauce goes

my tastebuds going wild for the tang

expectations going haywire

Hey – there was something there – unexpected

out of that lemony zing – a salty blast

maybe its being by the canalside – but then

even the restaurant cat knows – chef has added capers to his sauce

Olive tree

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#coloryourworld #cyw #olive-green

hanging delicately from your branches

in a cast of thousands

your colour casts Down on white chalky soil

as you soak up the rays from the Mediterranean sun

what you hold is prized up and down the land

by the farmer, the chef and the food fan

as you paint the town green

under azure blue skies.

Midnight M5

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Salford Quays and Manchester Piccadilly, 25th June 2010


The wheels of the tram roll in as

the sun descends over Ontario Basin

The moon sits proudly in a northern sky

shining on the remains of a fallen earth


Moonlight casts its light like a net

over water, concrete and glass

rainbow lights flicker on the waters edge

as glitterballs twinkle


Music played from off afar

buskers collect tips in their hats and jars

sirens cut the peace as peacemakers go cross the town

and cleaning crew vehicles cover the ground


And maidens of the day

make their way in the coloured light

as moon shines brightly

and stars guide through the night


The final buses are making their way

no more time to go and play

so its drinking a beverage in the late night caff

talking with mates and having a laugh.


Animals, Poetry


1st November 2016

By Brian F Kirkham

There’s a furry friend i’d like you to meet

Four paws, a tail, and two ears like a treat

He could be the twin of the next doors cat,

but in reality – he’s just a rat.

He enters the house of Mr Posh Paws

and is greeted by the family to much great applause

he’ll have meat and milk, and a nice tummy rub

before heading for the garden, and heads for the pub

And having arrived at the hostelerie

he’ll dine on some leftover sardines for an extra tea

but watching in corner – not posh – but another

in the corner with catfood – is Posh paws’ brother

He gives him a sniff – and then there’s a battle

as Big paws gets up and his collar does rattle

chasing the rat – out into the street

and the copy cat realises that he’s just been beat.

But who’s this now coming down the cobbles?

passing the imposter who’s started to hobble…

preened and new collar – its Mr Posh Paws!

who’s visiting his brother – to the pubs applause.


Acrostic, Food


The origins of the humble sandwich date back to the time, where apparently, a noble of the realm of HM Queen was too busy gambling in order to go and eat…so he told his servants to stick his steak tween two bits of bread and bring it to him

that noble was the Earl of Sandwich … And that’s what exists today

Salad is always a good starter

anchovies add a bit of saltiness

neopolitan ham is great … But fish fingers work well

dont forget tomatoes….great with corned beef

when combining flavours be careful…some chillis can kill delicate meats

ham and brown sauce is a classic, but fried onions work too

if you feel adventurous , how about some eastern flavours?

chinese chicken and chicken korma come diced … But seperately

having the two together ? Might be a bit much

everyone enjoys a sandwich….it’s something

special that everybody young or old can make

Life Imitates Art ?

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Now, this is another Arty post.

Consider this pic if you will


Its a silverfoil of a Panda, eating Bamboo – I produced this a couple of years back when I was just getting my hand of this artform…I reckon it came out very well.

Then again consider this photograph – taken at Edinburgh Zoo recently

panda 2

A Panda happily chomping away at their favourite foodstuff.

No wonder they call Pandas the “Bamboo Bear”!

Life Imitating Art ? I’ll let you decide.