Anything with chips

Charles George William Dupree is a funny little kid – his parent’s agree he’ll eat breakfast and dinner – without any fuss but there’s something the doctors need to discuss Why little Charlie will eat all on his plate if only there’s a helping of chips to wait Now fish and chips are whats calledContinue reading “Anything with chips”

Only One

#Octpowrimo #WDYS #Doughnut Only the one, you said….as Out of the the bakers door you came, Overloaded with tasty treats, laden One on top of the other. Of course, you’ll be sharing those O shaped pastries when you get back home…. Only the problem is this Out of all those sugared doughnuts – how manyContinue reading “Only One”


As they were released from the Strings holding them together, the Purple tipped stalks were prepared for the dinner plate A motley bunch of greens Roasted in a pan with other vegetables A side to the main food star on the plate Green and purple showing off the white of the fish Up and aroundContinue reading “Asparagus”


#napowrimo #Cat Coming out from his blanket each morning and having a stretch by his bed this little fellow wants to go for an explore, Calling out, so you come down the stair and zipping onto the grass without a care the birds on the grassy lawn best beware Rolling around the grass with gleeContinue reading “Keystones”

Hungry postbox

Salford, 15th March 2021 – from a writeclub prompt “A postbox is a box that eats socks“ There’s a reason why they are red. Just before night fall – the humans put the washing out in the hope they’ll be dry in the morning the crows cry out – but everyone’s asleep as the poorContinue reading “Hungry postbox”


#Slampoetry #writeclub A piece of slam poetry written for the Monday Writeclub…. Passing down the road,he seemed such a gent,and then – passing a bin – a deliberate act,created reactions – obvious fact –A Michelin man – bobble hat and allabout to see his value falloff to the match, with his fish and chips –asContinue reading “Messi/Messy”


#CYW #Peach Picked from the trees in the hills of Asia each fruit furry to the touch and juicy with every bite – just watch out for the stone in the middle can be eaten on its own, or with custard or cream hot out of the oven – its wonderful in a pie orContinue reading “Peach”

Dining on the move

Salford (via Manchester Piccadilly) 15th June 2020 #fffc Don’t go off the rails it’s an experience to be enjoyed notable scenes and brilliant landscapes in combination with some fantastic food normally, your food wouldn’t come with such great views gastronomic delights with fantastic scenery