Quite a caper!

Caper Harry Ramsdens, Old Trafford, Manchester one saturday afternoon in May mum and dad are down at little sisters – so here i am eating a plate of cod and chips in the sunlight of a Manchester Summer Haddock cant beat this combination over the fish the tartar sauce goes my tastebuds going wild forContinue reading “Quite a caper!”

Olive tree

#coloryourworld #cyw #olive-green hanging delicately from your branches in a cast of thousands your colour casts Down on white chalky soil as you soak up the rays from the Mediterranean sun what you hold is prized up and down the land by the farmer, the chef and the food fan as you paint the townContinue reading “Olive tree”


Sandwich The origins of the humble sandwich date back to the time, where apparently, a noble of the realm of HM Queen was too busy gambling in order to go and eat…so he told his servants to stick his steak tween two bits of bread and bring it to him that noble was the EarlContinue reading “Construction”

Life Imitates Art ?

Now, this is another Arty post. Consider this pic if you will Its a silverfoil of a Panda, eating Bamboo – I produced this a couple of years back when I was just getting my hand of this artform…I reckon it came out very well. Then again consider this photograph – taken at Edinburgh ZooContinue reading “Life Imitates Art ?”