Growing up Learning Poetry

Back to school again



a time announcing –

the summer is over. No more

creating sandcastles on the beach or

hearing the breakers hitting the shore

exercise books and pencils at the ready

learning has begun again

Unless they’ve sent you to “Big School”, your

New kit will be much like your old one

It identifies you as one of the school you see

Forms keep you and your class mates together

Of course, there are times these are

Rearranged – and to

Many – this can lead to tears

Buildings modernised

Learning now mixed

A combination of exercise books and

Computerised tablets

Key skills shown on paper, whilst

Boys and Girls search for answers

Over the invisible “Cloud”

Reading is still to be found in the library – even if its alongside

Alternatives are available

Digital Alternatives

Dragons Poetry

Dragons Nest


Image credit; Sean Thomas @ Unsplash

The learned academic’s at the local seat of learning

were slightly bemused to have spotted this beast

it was stopping the students learning

at the very least

You see this mystical beast had found a home

somewhere she could rest her legs

atop the library marble dome

a place she could lay her eggs

while the library staff all turned and frowned

dressed in their academic gowns

the animal studies group as one did smile

and hoped that she’d stay around for a while

and artists spent their nights on the lawn

drawing the dragon from daybreak and dawn

making their sketches till the sun went away

when they’d go back to the dorms till sun shouted “hey!”

As for the dragon, the academics guest

on the library roof, she made a comfy nest

till her eggs did open, and her children said “hi”

and together around the airspace they’d fly


Hidden Secrets


What secrets are hiding

behind the pages of the library ?

if you pick up the right title

you might be surprised

As the bookshelf moves

and you find another way out


The last chapter

#promptuarium #writing #library #books

The chief librarian was a bit perturbed

the books on the shelf had been disturbed

the books they seemed that all was fine

until the examined each of their spines

See with some ease and reletive dexterity

someone hand set the last chapters free

driving the readers around the bend

as the stories had beginning, a middle but no end

The staff did wonder – reasons why

someone would make the pages fly

till one day – the pieces appeared

along with the fellow – who looked weird

It turned out he read books back to front

as he moved the books with a shunt

so the library staff showed him the picture books

to stop him getting any funny looks



#Fowc #Landmark

Look around

and you will find them everywhere

north to south

distinct buildings, created for a purpose

many come from far and wide just to see the

architecture, while others like to look

’round the facilities, taking in all the history and artifacts

kept within the walls of the building

Acrostic Learning


#fowc #reference

Really, there’s always one place in

Every library that you can get all the answers

From atlases to chronicles to news articles

Every bit of info is there – which is why the

Revered keepers of these books keep them from leaving the library

Even keeping them in their own section

Now, the good news is – you can access them

Choice reading handy for homework – just don’t

Expect to walk home with them – they’re staying in the library

Buildings Poetry Victorian



Manchester Town hall, St Peter’s Square Manchester

All saints day, 1st November 2017


What lies behind the corridors

tween power and learning ?

a path to who knows where ?

questions are asked in the buildings on the east

while questions are answered in the building to the west

fancy seeing what lies beyond the lights?

Acrostic books Poetry




Over time, the

Reading material on the shelves begin to

Grow, taking over the library

Act Now,

Nip it in the bud – and sort out them shelves

If not, the books will take over the space – Be

Zippy about it – for space is at a premium

Everyone knows you’ll run out of it

books Poetry Schooldays



In the dusty old
Deserted library hall
The wishes of the librarian
Have finally come to fruition

For there is nobody reading
By the library desks
They’re all in the I.t. Suite
Reading set texts on the web

So librarian has his wish
And the books sit on wooden shelves
Like revered benedictines
Sat in lines in silence.