Strains of a Sundae

#Napowrimo #icecream #sundae Served up after dinner – I wait Up to now i’ve been content – sat in the blast chiller Next thing i know i’m served up to the crowd Digging into my scoops of strawberry, banana and chocolate And Mining deep down the bottom of my glass for the brownie bits EachContinue reading “Strains of a Sundae”

The plum pudding paradox

#socs #closeeyesandpoint Above, you’ll see a picture of a ‘traditional’ plum pudding, eaten at dessert time around the table at Christmas time….before anyone goes ballistic….i’m following the rules of the previous challenge – and it just happened to fall on the page on the origin Christmas puddings So, when did the craziness start inky? ThoseContinue reading “The plum pudding paradox”

Jam Roly Poly

#food #baking #pudding #jam #custard Egg Sugar Flour and Butter combine with fruit for something after tea a little thing that’s fruity and sweet with a layer that’s simply utter delicious, flavoursome and buttery its the fruit covered layer – that gives it a swirl served up with custard its hard to beat a childhoodContinue reading “Jam Roly Poly”


#Fowc #combination some call it a recipe others a mixture several ingredients coming together in a bowl to form the perfect pudding and it isn’t the flour , butter or eggs that are the star of the show or even the fruit thats gone in or over it no – this is a team effortContinue reading “Combination”


#CYW #Yellow I Colour of the morning sun set amongst the blue sky and patchy white cloud II Breakfast calls in the colour of your boiled egg circled by toasted soldiers III In the garden the lions of the lawn greet you with hello IV Afternoon treat tween two slices of bread or eaten onContinue reading “Yellow”

Peach Pudding

#Napowrimo #peach #fruit #poem #response A response to Aubade: Some Peaches, After Storm by Carl Phillips you can read his poem Here Perhaps the idea of eating a bruised peach after its fell headlong towards the ground could be considered hell on earth to a fruit connoisseur Put in a pan enveloped with a mixContinue reading “Peach Pudding”

Not So Bad

#schooldays #promptuarium With the current lockdown the kids are back in school forget the bug that’s virulent the doctors overruled Schooldesks spaced out plenty while lessons start anew learning english maths and all for tests that are a due And playtime the kids are spaced out in their own little spots and squares its notContinue reading “Not So Bad”


Dreamy, light and fluffy enjoyed by young and old alike luscious strawberries held in a moment it’ll be wolfed down by all captured in the glass as it is it’s not any old mousse – and of course – those at the table will ask “Any more?” usually, its chef’s privilage to go at theContinue reading “Delight”


#CYW #Peach Picked from the trees in the hills of Asia each fruit furry to the touch and juicy with every bite – just watch out for the stone in the middle can be eaten on its own, or with custard or cream hot out of the oven – its wonderful in a pie orContinue reading “Peach”