Chocolate Dreams

#writeclub #chocolate #dreams Crafty little easter bunnies having had us give up the sweet stuff over 8 weeks of spring carry their baskets of candied heaven out amongst the town leaving special treats for the kiddies (and their mums and dads) in the house or garden toffees and bonbons to make anyone smile, inside eggsContinue reading “Chocolate Dreams”


#Fowc #Tempting You’ve tried all year to keep that seaside bod but now from festive cheer the toned physique you flaunted at summer is attacked with wine and beer there’s every kind of cake and pudding inside that cupboard of yours and biscuits, cake and gingerbread men to bite and chomp and gnaw The ChristmasContinue reading “Tempting”

The new scout section

#scouts #squirrels #beavers #cubs #ventures #explorers #network Imagine my surprise to see something to make me smile at tea reminding me of a place that brought a smile upon my face I was once a young cub scout and played with others and learned about making things, and knots and tents and camping outside, quiteContinue reading “The new scout section”

Universal Change

#Character #Space #Universe #writeclub While the planets Go round the Sun (our star) and far off systems go round their own stars something keeps space and time moving The old man of space keeps mother milky way , Andromeda and her other brothers and sisters turning while he watches on There have been times whenContinue reading “Universal Change”

Bank Holiday

Salford, 5th April 2021 #Easter #BankHoliday #Napowrimo (with a nod to mr Roger Mcgough) While the kiddies are enjoying What the easter bunny has left them Someone else is enjoying some fun behind the closed doors The staff having fun Building castles with pound coins and swimming in shiny seas of five and ten pencesContinue reading “Bank Holiday”


#fowc #strategy school fun in the playground taking time out from spelling and sums rolling out your fleet of ships as you mark them out on your eight by eight grid then you guess where your pal has hidden his each marking the guesses with a cross where each vessel is you’ll play this allContinue reading “Battleships”