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  • Murmation

    Somethings…..happening. Wings a flutter, as the weather changes And the flocks decide where they’re off to Lifting up in the air and Landing to ground, Land where they can fill up till their next destination Overseas ? West East or South Wherever – they’re headed for somewhere warm Snow and Ice ? Show us the […]

  • Warm & Cosy

    Warm & Cosy

    #WDYS They’ve been resting on a nest of twigs , moss and down sleeping away while mum and dad’s gone to town And as they’ve been sleeping they’ve started to grow awaiting the time that from egg they must go And as that time comes they’ll all hack away and spend time in the nest […]

  • Mercury Rising

    Mercury Rising

    #Summer Most would think it crazy – everybody under umbrellas on a summers day reality is the solar winds have rested coming over the city centre up in the azure blue sky – there’s a few clouds but reach isn’t that far – and you really don’t want it to rain , so you head […]

  • Bank Holiday Picnic

    #summer It’s the perfect time for a picnic there’s not a cloud in the sky so by the trees we’ll put a rug and watch the butterflies taking a hamper and thermos with sandwiches and cakes for our tea and orange juice and fruit juice for the kiddies and for the adults something stronger for […]

  • Ebb and Flow

    Ebb and Flow

    #sea #seaside #waters #shells #seaweed The sea played with the man on the beach as he walked along the sand blue turning to sky blue then white to catch the sun worshipper and give him a fright But after a while the man came up to the sea in an attempt to dip his toes […]

  • Cup o’ Tea

    Cup o’ Tea

    I Normally served up in a fine earthenware Mug with Milk and Sugar II Veering from the norm teabags stewing away in a can over a roaring fire III Galley brews challenge the finest of Galley cooks during force sevens IV Tin Mugs for the Brew for morning breakfast eating whether sea or land V […]

  • Hiding


    #fffc To some, it seemed normal they spent thousands to come to this tropical paradise took a fortnight away, then sat on the sun loungers, out in the sands feeling the burn….sipping sunny cocktails to others, they pondered why you would do all of that for one week flat and spend the next seven sun-filled […]

  • Frozen (Another View)

    #promptuarium The bear and the eskimo stared at each other by the entrance to the igloo While the eskimo feared he’d be lunch he needn’t have worried The bear just wanted out of the cold

  • Red

    #CYW #Red I At one end of the spectrum warm and inviting, and sometimes hot when looked at in places warnings about when you have to be aware II Rich ripe fruit signal to the gardener I’m ready to be picked making their way into pastries and puddings or in some cases salads soups and […]

  • Comfort

    #fowc #comfort Cold weather isn’t nice to be out in, so on winter days, you’ll find me wrapped up with a mug of warm hot chocolate in my paws and furry slippers on my feet – while outside its snowing and blowing a gale – i’m reading a book inside, looking out of the window […]