Acrostic Poetry



Written for Sadje’s What Do You See prompt.

Photo credit: Amine M’Siouri @ Pexels.

Staring back at me – someone i know

Only different

Me – but Mirrored

Enjoying a view of myself perhaps?

On the other side of the glass he looks

No one else behind or in front…

Except from my view – everything his side is turned around

Poetry Space

A Race in Space


Stars in the sky

In the darkness of night

a race is taking place

up there in the sky

in the depths of space

aiming to be

the first in the sky

they hustle and bustle

and past others they fly

you can follow their path

as they draw in the dark

and watch them all race

till the moment they park

and down on the earth

the trees hang on by their boots

as force from the skies

tries to pull up their roots

Health Life


#WDYS #Napowrimo

“Exhale” Sign : Image by Matt Barringer

Time to take a moment….

Three day weekends are there

To be enjoyed not laboured through

Take a while to move your feet

through a spring green full of flowers

tip toe through the tulips (or daffodils)

Take a moment, to enjoy what’s around you

enjoy a sandwich and cake under a tree

watching the sights and sounds of nature

Take it all in

and let all your stresses go….

People Romance



There’s a lesson to be learned here….

Never get your best mate to pick your dates

start of the night was brilliant

we met under the stars

and headed for the disco

had a few drinks, and danced for a while

For a few moments, i’d captured her smile

then headed up to the restaurant

for three courses of five star cuisine

conversation was brief – she was staring into space

like she was supposed to be in some other place

was it she thought i was third rate

no – she was thinking about tomorrows lunch date.

Character Childhood Chocolate Christmas Easter

Watching Angel


Watching Angel

Its not as if you missed him at Christmas

but when you put all the decorations

away at twelfth night – a couple of them

found resting places around the house

so kids , you’d best be on your behaviour best

for this crack team – won’t be put to the test

and if you think at all that’s funny

they’ve got hotlines to Santa – and the Easter Bunny!

Acrostic Poetry



Getting to the top

of your personal mountain

isn’t the achievement

next thing is

getting the balance to stay there

New targets in sight

often come from

winning the original battle

however, despite how

easy you might see it

reality is – having reached the top

expect a challenge on your spot

Acrostic Colours Life Poetry Seasons Summer Sunset



Image credit; LuizClas@ Pexels

Making the most of that precious

opportunity, when in the field

out of the last rays of sun, just before

nightfall – Luna makes an appearance

down below her – the children skip and jig

and above them – feathered friends flap excited as

night begins to fall

children will be called in as shades of red turn dark blue, so

enjoy the time in the long grass, they will

Acrostic Flowers Nature

Seasons First


Kitten watched the stalk of green

in the courtyard

travelling towards the sky

tickling his little paws as he

engages the plant counting the

number of leaves appearing on the stalk




In the sunshine of the courtyard

lies a deserted square

quiet as a mouse

there’s not a soul there

they’re sitting in the offices

or parading – firing their guns

so the columns cast their shadows

out in the noonday sun

Learning Life

Never too old


Image credit; Sasint @ Pixabay

While Nanna taught the little uns

about life before they were born

the crops grown on the farm

and animals that lived there

there was always something

she could learn from her grandson

like how to get the seeds for the fields

in lightning speed – and all through the click of a button