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Salford, 7th April 2020

#Food #Morning #Breakfast #Napowrimo

A prompt from – cheers to the promptuarium for providing the list of prompts

Best meal of the day, some people call it….

Ripe tasty bananas slapped between two pieces of buttered bread, or

Egg, boiled and salted, and served up with bread soldiers

A hearty breakfast – they say, is fit for a

King….Bacon, Eggs, sausage, tomatoes….

French toast is an alternative if you don’t like chasing your food

As are cereals….but don’t forget toast and

Strawberry jam….its a crowd pleaser

That’ll please any fussy eater (or cheese if they don’t like the sweet stuff)

Beach Colours Food


#CYW #Gold

There’s nothing better than a summer sky

warm coloured tones of

corn or wheat growing in the farmers field

or maybe the thought

of sinking your toes into warm golden sands

before dipping them in the sea

breakfast dinner or tea – wonderous eggs

dipped with bread soldiers

for an afternoon feast



#Fowc #Battle

There’s always fighting somewhere….

Land, Places

Resources, Religion

All led by crackpot ideas and beliefs

Of course, the one’s leading the charge

Disappear off to the back of the crowd

While his (or her) men are fighting it out

Leaving them chance – to act all statesmanlike

at a memorial of stone

with names engraved – of those fallen

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Roman Wall – Mamucium

Manchester, 26th July 2016

In honour of the Roman Wall at Manchester’s Castlefield I wrote this brief little ditty.

Pulled it out of the leaves of Notebook 1 so I can share it with you all

(Artwork created by me – using Corel Painter)

Manchesters Roman Wall - An apt subject for an Impressionist Painting.

Ave! My friend.

 and welcome!, sit down.

 rest, as you enter this garrison town.

 You have reached Mamucium

 or “Castle-in-the-field”

 it’s a place, where we Romans

 don’t often yield.

 We fight with the Pilum

 and fight with the sword

 defending our lands

 from the blue pictish hordes

 We have a great legion

 five hundred men strong

 to service the need of

 the wall, that’s quite long

 And we’ll go off to Deva

 to have fun for the night

 arriving to watch

 the gladiators fight.

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Nose in a Book

Its two o’ clock in the morning GMT – and I’ve got my nose in a book.

A real one – not an e-reader version.

No, it’s nothing I’ve written – although if I was to blow my own trumpet – I’d be telling you how great my profile is on and getting you all to take a look….

(I’m not that vain….)


No, tonight i’m reading Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse.

It’s a tale of a Horse sold to the cavalry in world war I, and his owners mission to get him back home from the trenches.

I’m going to read it again before I get round to watching the film on DVD – something about books advantage over film – you get to draw your own pictures.

I’ll also be writing one or two lines for IWM North’s shop when i’m done.

Breakfast Food Fun Nursery Rhymes

Desertion at Breakfast

A relation of Humpty dumpty
Lies soul less on the plate
His remains will soon be headed
Down the bin or nearest grate

His guard detail, was a little poor
Soldiers round him …. three or four
But though in number, they gained a tan
As part of the big egg disposal plan

Encircled round egg, his guards they dropped
As top of egg, his head was chopped
And looking round as eggs end appeared
His guardsmen they all disappeared

And so, with egg all out and in,
His remains were thrown in the nearest bin
And as for those guardsmen all fingers and thumbs
They joined him in the bin as toasted breadcrumbs!