Acrostic Colours Flowers Garden Poetry


#Fowc #Cluster

Coming to life from beneath the ground

leaves hiding a burst of colour

until its time for the flowers to

say “Hello!” to the bright morning sky. keeping

together for their own protection

each individual flower adding their own bit of

radiant colour to the garden



#fowc #flutter

Photo by Pixabay on

For a short while – the humble butterfly

leaps and lands on the colourful flowers

until its time to rest

the tiny little eggs it leaves on

the leaves of green will

eventually turn into caterpillars who will

return like their mum and dad to continue all over again

Birds Poetry

Roof of sparrows

#Birds #writeclub

Construction began Simply enough

a small nest for Mr sparrow and his family

nesting in the eves

the nest made of twigs mud and bracken

and other different leaves

Mr Sparrows brother moved in

and soon it looked like the terrace below

and little uns acted like the kiddies

Moving too and fro


Tropical Rain Forest

#CYW #Tropicalrainforest

To humans living

by the rainforest – a treasure

for market to sell

Inhabitants there

think differently under leaves

a place they call home

Tree frogs and reptiles

Live up in the leafy mass

looking for a meal

Birds rest their small claws

before flying into blue

heading for tiddlers

Acrostic Character Nature Outdoors

Waking Up


Acer tree in back garden, Salford

He’s been Napping for a while

in the garden, trying his

best to ignore the chill of the winter wind

each day he’s counted down

raring to show off his new coloured plumage

next to the evergreens

and now, its happening as his

trunk and branches begin to wake up and sprout

in a sign that things are warming up

outside, just in time for some

nice warm weather , picnics in the garden and return of the birds

Acrostic Colours Garden Nature

Spring Green

Spring green Leafs – colorful Background Blur

Signs are there that, finally, possibly

persistent winter weather is on its way out

returning to the trees – signs of life

in the form of bright green leaves

note the winds are slowing down and its

getting warmer outside

Birds Nature Poetry Seasons

Taking Shelter

#weather #snow #birds

Falling ice
isn’t the best
festive present
for our feathered friends
so for a few flighting hours
they sit atop the tallest trees
where they take shelter
under the fronds
of an evergreen branch
while watching
balanced snowballs
above their heads

Autumn Colours Outdoors Parks Poetry Seasons

Red Orange

#CYW #RedOrange

Autumn Leaves Cutout, Created by Inky

I’d call it the colour of autumn

a sign from the leaves on the trees

that winter is on its way

the mercury is retreating ,

and something a little colder is replacing

the warm colours

its pleasing to the eye

for it is the last we’ll see of the deciduous leaves

till spring

Poetry Weather

Blown Away

#Leaves #Autumn #Wind #Kite #writeclub

A response to this weeks write club theme – there will be more, thanks to lockdown!

You could tell it was the first day of Autumn

the four winds were having a wail of a time

with the things their friends had left them

It wasn’t Christmas , but it might well have been

for as well as the brown, yellows and golds

the trees had left them something – Red and Blue

So instead of lifting the sparrows around

they decided to play with the thing they had found

and kids from their windows spotted at night

the winds playing happily with their red and blue kite

Acrostic Autumn Nature Poetry Seasons

Changing colours

#Seasons #Autumn #Poetry #Nature

Acer’s changing colour scheme (Image by Inky, Camera: Sony H3311)

A Sign that winters on the way

Up in the trees, the leaves colours are changing

There hangin’ on to their branches for dear life but

Unless you haven’t noticed – greens have been swapped for

Mostly Reds and Browns, with yellows inbetween

Note though – occasional splashes of crimson – Christmas coming early ?