#MLMM #Photochallenge It was a dank, dark and horrible place a place where refuse men didn’t want to explore – but had to the kids left mindless tags on the wall the bin men gave the street artists a call covering tags with spray painted art mindless marks – disappeared – that was a startContinue reading “Graffiti”

Dragons Nest

#WDYS Image credit; Sean Thomas @ Unsplash The learned academic’s at the local seat of learning were slightly bemused to have spotted this beast it was stopping the students learning at the very least You see this mystical beast had found a home somewhere she could rest her legs atop the library marble dome a placeContinue reading “Dragons Nest”


#fowc #Collaborate Coming together – master of their crafts on a mission – to craft a labour of love, local writers and poets – some amateur, some well known professionals bring together an opus of work to orderly gander at read at your leisure and raise a smile at the talent on every page itsContinue reading “Collaborate”

Emulating the greats

Homage Salford , 30th August 2017 Sat by the great stretch of Ontario, Aware of the place i was in Lowry’s backyard, I Found myself a bench facing Out onto this great stretch of Royal waterway, in sight of Rileys Flat and began to Draw a scene in simple pencil – one the great manContinue reading “Emulating the greats”