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  • Rabbit


    #writephoto Who’s that hiding in the garden ? blink and you’ll miss him hopping around the garden at night he’s waiting for the moon to say its time for that very special day the moment he can stretch his legs and deliver to the kiddies chocolate eggs

  • Invisible

    #Invisible #life It’s not easy being invisible…. at first i thought it would be fun playing tricks in the playground on each and everyone Hiding away from the teachers gaze while creating work that would amaze drawing cartoons on the board in chalk and puzzling teachers as out of class i’d walk Occasionally the dinner […]

  • Hop to it

    Hop to it

    #Napowrimo #Easter Monday 13th April 2020 Every easter, it’s rumoured a furry fellow in white sends a special delivery to commemorate the resurrection to every kid in the neighbourhood ready wrapped and sent as quick as Santa

  • Wabbit


    #promptuarium #rabbit At the bottom of the field , there’s a rabbit Who’s height nearly blocks out the sun His shadow covers most of the vegetable patch And to the farmer that isn’t much fun But he’s tricky this tall furry rabbit Can’t be shot at and turned into chops For as soon as the […]

  • The Wabbits have landed

    The Wabbits have landed

    A number of Large rabbits have landed on Salford Quays. Its all to do with a digital lightshow taking place on the quayside, entitled ‘lightwaves’ – the aim of the show is to animate the spaces around Mediacity and the surrounding piazzas. (for English purists: I can’t call it a Square – Its Round!) There’s […]