Animals Colours


#CYW #Beaver

Builder of some wonderful constructions

every day he’s going down stream for materials

and crafting them so they adapt to his home

versatile in the way he places each stick

each one having its own purpose

rivers brooks and

streams keep moving – but he’s directing the flow

Acrostic Colours Food Fruit

Banana mania (Revisited)

#coloryourworld #cyw #fruit #banana #yellow

Born out of a tree

A yellow skinned treat

Nice between two slices of bread

Also appreciated by young uns in a cake of some sort

Note though whether in a cake or not – they’re great with custard

A note of caution – don’t eat the peel – they’re not like apples

Colours Fruit

Atomic Tangerine

#cyw #atomic #tangerine #fruit

A sensation

Thats what i guess you would call it

Out of the fruit

Many segments of zingy fruit

In a haphazard

Circular formation

Tangy on the tongue

as you bite on the segments

navigating your way to the juice

great explosions as the segments

empty their flavoured cargo

round the mouth

its like an orange – but some say they’re

nicer than that, and easier to peel

expect smiles around the fruit bowl when the kids get home

Cooking Eating Food Poetry


Photo by Foodie Factor on

As they were released from the

Strings holding them together, the

Purple tipped stalks were prepared for the dinner plate

A motley bunch of greens

Roasted in a pan with other vegetables

A side to the main food star on the plate

Green and purple showing off the white of the fish

Up and around where it were sitting

Something to chew over , with the fish and tomatoes



It might not be what the jeweller calls “precious”

but its just as wonderful in its own way

polished up – it brings decoration to the front door

a little sophistication, and perhaps “character”

its harder than its precious friends

and although it can tarnish – its easily polished

ask any trader that comes down the street

where there’s muck, there’s brass

Colours Poetry Summer


#CYW #Aquamarine

Photo by Jill Burrow on

They say its the true colour of water

but by the time you’ve had your cordial added

the fruit has fizzled it away

It sets of a summer holiday perfectly

as the sun reflects its blue

and you wan’t to dip your toes

on perfect days, the sky mirrors the sea

and its like the sea begins where the sky ends

wonderful to look at from a deckchair

of course, the jeweller likes this colour

its the birthstone thats usually surrounded by diamonds

so its no wonder he likes it

or the colour of the eyes of the young lady

whos entered his shop

to purchase a ring with this precious stone

Acrostic Colours Food Fruit


#CYW #Apricot

Photo by Markus Spiske on

A fruit smaller than its cousin, the peach

people say its not as hairy, but tasty nevertheless

reactions – some say its just right – others say wheres the rest of it ?

its nice on its own, or in a yoghurt or even with cereal

craziest thing of all – you can get them in a packet – dried

of course, you don’t have to eat them dried

then again why would you want to?

Colours Poetry

Antique Brass

Photo by Giallo on

Amazing condition, given its age

noted for the craftsmanship in every curve

to some, its undervalued

its brighter than tarnished silver and dull gold

quite a talking point to visitors of the house

unless you’re going to sell it though – costs are irrelevant

except when you spot a similar item – and you want it in your house

Colours Cooking Fun


#cyw #almond

Photo by Marta Branco on

A tasty treat – whether its

lining the outside of a cake or its innards

marzipan makes some great decoration

of course its tasty as part of the cake too

newcomers to these treats might need some training

dont forget to break it open – that shell is hard!

Colours Food Fruit


#CYW #Yellow-orange

Someone’s been mixing up the citrus again

the orange juice looks that little more….

what’s the word ? Zingy ?

and that’s before you took the cap off the bottle

Lifting the lid gives you a clue

to the origin of the brighter orange

there’s a zip of lemon, and the zest of lime