Tag: Red

  • The Red Door

    The Red Door

    #Writephoto #Colours #Red Call it a Statement if you would It certainly stands out when looking across the road Bringing a note of colour to an otherwise stony building No need for whitewash where this entrance is concerned It yells – come on in ! to all that approach But who ? you might wonder […]

  • Describe

    #FOWC #Describe Definition everybody’s challenge – tell me about that strawberry that’s sitting on the plate could it be more luscious and red? if you could what else would you tell me built for the perfect pavlova ? – or just the berry to be enjoyed in a fruit salad

  • Moondance

    #wdys Making the most of that precious opportunity, when in the field out of the last rays of sun, just before nightfall – Luna makes an appearance down below her – the children skip and jig and above them – feathered friends flap excited as night begins to fall children will be called in as […]

  • Rainbows


    #Acrostic #Colors A Host of colours held in a moment Ravishing Reds and Outrageous Oranges meet up with Yellows and Greens, like they came fresh from the garden Blues captured like the Morning sky and Indigos and Violets like the Night Sky

  • Like Lightning

    Like Lightning

    #Airfix #Quickbuild #F-35 #Lightning Arrival of the new member of the squadron came in record time though in reality their was a catch – unlike his die-cast cousin full assembly would be required in order for his attendance in the parade…..he took a spot by a red arrow x marking his landing bay by the […]

  • Dinosaur


    #Napowrimo #writephoto Down amongst the long grasses is a special kind of beast now you may at first thought think- “He’s extinct” on the west coast to the east some might think it a little odd about our prehistoric friend who on his tod, unexpected – are the kids at play – who have fun […]

  • Robin


    #poetry #birds #robin You can’t miss this happy chappie perched as he is on the nearest bit of wood with his reddish hues he’s clear to see and yet very few get close for he guards his spot twenty four-seven hopping and landing on the green lawn to grab an early worm

  • Scarlet

    #cyw #scarlet #Reds Sat perched outside in the garden, it was Clear to most of the nested tenants – you were new As with your bright red feathers – you Really attracted attention, from felines and twitchers alike Luckily for you, your new home is much like your old Elevated and lofty, and out of […]

  • Red Violet II

    #CYW #Colours #RedViolet I A much redder colour than your much purpler cousin you parade yourself proudly in the flowers that carry you or the stamps that show you II Many mistake you for Magenta but you don’t mind for you have so many cousins at times its hard to tell you apart only when […]

  • Red Violet

    Red Violet

    #CYW #RedViolet Sat on the park bench In an effort to enjoy his sandwiches, Charlie brown Reacts with a smile – to the girl who caught his Eye….the girl with the red hair Now – tomorrow – he might go over and talk to her