Tag: Oil

  • Lavender

    Salford, 28th April 2020 #CYW #Lavender Located in a part of the garden a plant that’ll go rampant if you let it very nice smell – its natural oil each stem full of fragrance ready to be crushed notably used in perfumes deodorant ? not so much everyone seems to like its colours though ranging […]

  • Eggplant

    4th January 2020 Everyone our way knows it as an aubergine grilled and served up with grated cheese and tomato purple tinge to its black skin – never known once grilled leaping to life in any greek dish and lipsmackingly wonderful on a summers day note though – best served with oil and herbs tastes […]

  • Earthquake

    #Earth #Earthquakes #gas #oil #water In the rush for fossil oil and gas people have been a bit of an ass the drillers don’t mind what mess they make or even the tremors the movements or quakes they’re throwing their cash – to drill down the ground in hope that a prize of riches can […]

  • Cooking off hot stones

    the mercury rose again today over at the campsite….they don’t need a match just a circle of stones baking in the mid morning sun plonking the pan on top and waiting waiting for the small drop of oil to start sizzling.

  • Concentration

    Salford 12th June 2018 Cognitive act of great effort noting and transferring the idea and vision carefully to canvas using colourful media equal care given to the objects around the main subject not forgetting the sun or the sky taking attention to each shade of blue transferred reality is – there’s plenty of them as […]

  • Bubble and Squeak

    Salford, 29th December 2017 #food #christmas #cooking #bubbleandsqueak #leftovers   I knew it was coming – the creation of a masterpiece. something from the remains of the Christmas feast – to warm everybody up chef using concoctions to heighten the flavour of the dish in first went the potatoes (roast and boiled), and then the […]

  • Antiqued

    Faded The picture on the wall began to show its age some time ago a recollection of a noted man some time ago   Father Time has been kind to this wise old master but now the critics of history have had their say   Furrows in the oiled canvas collect small particles of time […]