#fowc #Colloquial

Casual conversations around

oval or round tables as

lunches (or dinners) are served alfresco

lovingly by the chef in the summer sun

of course the burgers steaks and salad have something to

quench the thirst

unless you’re young or driving – its wine or beer

if you are young or driving – its fizzy pop or fruit juice

a time to meet up – and catch up with news with

loved ones you haven’t seen in a while


Dining on the move

Salford (via Manchester Piccadilly) 15th June 2020


Don’t go off the rails

it’s an experience to be enjoyed

notable scenes and brilliant landscapes

in combination with some fantastic food

normally, your food wouldn’t come with such great views

gastronomic delights with fantastic scenery

Acrostic Food Poetry


Salford , 23rd April 2020

#fowc #dinner

Dining, in all of its forms

is an art form that’s

not to be missed, now you can enjoy a salad or

notibly, the roast beef, veg and yorkshire pudding but

everyone secretly has a favourite take away –

roaming over there at weekends for a supper of fish and chips

Acrostic Colours Cooking Food


#Coloryourworld #Cyw #Asparagus


As far as I know, I’ve never seen your flowers

Some gardeners I’ve spoken to say they’re white, some say yellow

Perhaps they’re both right – but its your green stalks that

Attract the cooking fraternity , as you bathe in butter and herbs

Rolling around the pan developing your flavour

Adorable little stalks, who when departing from the pan are

Going to be joined in a mix, with Parma Ham and an Egg

Until you’ve been eaten – the critics would never understand

Some would say – you’re only good for soup, but the diners know better.

Acrostic Colours Home Poetry



#CYW #Coloryourworld #Mahogany

Taken from a far away jungle

and crafted , moulded and varnished in a carpenters shop

bought to order by the lady of the house so fellow

lords and ladies can sit around the finest mahogany and

enjoy a well prepared feast