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  • Tasty

    There’s something special about a chinese barbecue something in the way the various spices in the sauce cling onto the pork, chicken, beef or fish yet you can pickup each one on the tip of your tongue

  • Rocky Road

    #Octpowrimo #tea #dinner #sweet #icecream Refrigerator opens – and out of a frosty draw comes marshmallow, biscuit and chocolate kept hidden in a cherry ice cream you’ll be talking about in the playground for weeks Reactions to the initial tastes out of nowhere – sounds of immediate approval….an immediate suggestion for dessert after tea.

  • Sensation


    #wordpressprompt #feedyoursenses Early morning rumble cars muffled by double glazing dripping of water heading for the drain saved by a silver – armored plugstop fingers frolicking in warm soapy water throwing it towards the face in play towel comes to the rescue and they all make their way down to the kitchen porcelain meets cocoa […]

  • Rituals


    #napowrimo #chocolate #rituals a sweet piece by inky You stood in the newsagentobserving the aisleslike an aztec worshipperin front of a chocolate altarArmed with your golden coinsyou lifted up the chosen barand waited to pay at the tillThe foil shone under the lampsas you caught a sly smellthe waiting would be worth itGolden coin for […]

  • Pink sherbet

    #CYW #Pinksherbet Someone should really have told you how zingy that pudding really is every day you headed for the ice cream cart rounding on this raspberry combo but your face – after the initial taste of the raspberries engaged into full on scrunch mode as your tongue took on the individual taste

  • Taste

    I Bitter, Salty, Sweet or Sour Sensations landing on your tastebuds What is that wonderful fruity flavour It’s on the tip of your tongue but you haven’t said it yet II Raspberry Jacket and Banana Shirt with trousers and shoes to match maybe it’s the height of fashion in the magazines certainly makes you talk […]

  • Orchestrate

    #Wordpress Prompts #Orchestrate 10th April 2020 The pan – the arena for potatoes carrots and cabbage to star in a theatrical number with the humble tomato dancing around in a pool of delicious stock releasing flavours and aromas into the air stock cubes and herbs await stage left but their arrival has to be timed […]

  • Brambles

    Born on a spikey berry bush Purple / pink fruit bursting with flavour bursting with juice – pressed to the touch cooked down in a pan – to a tasty mush turned into jelly – a taste to savour spread over bread – or sometimes toast kids enjoy the tastes so much Breakfast time they […]

  • Chocolate Orange

    Chocolate Orange

    Tap, and Unwrap That’s how it goes and a scent of orange wafts up my nose Scent – then a taste of orange from oil captured in chocolate segments held in the foil Dark light and White Mixes of chocolate and zest Melt in the mouth zing A taste that’s the best

  • Skittles

    20th July 2018 #Sweets #Fruit #Poetry   A Food acrostic – not to be confused with the game you throw a ball at 🙂   Sealed up in the big plastic bag Kept in your travel case Is a multitude of flavour – A rainbow of taste Tastebuds tingle, at the very Thought of flavours […]