Acrostic Colours Food Fruit

Banana mania (Revisited)

#coloryourworld #cyw #fruit #banana #yellow

Born out of a tree

A yellow skinned treat

Nice between two slices of bread

Also appreciated by young uns in a cake of some sort

Note though whether in a cake or not – they’re great with custard

A note of caution – don’t eat the peel – they’re not like apples


Tropical Rain Forest

#CYW #Tropicalrainforest

To humans living

by the rainforest – a treasure

for market to sell

Inhabitants there

think differently under leaves

a place they call home

Tree frogs and reptiles

Live up in the leafy mass

looking for a meal

Birds rest their small claws

before flying into blue

heading for tiddlers

Animals Birds

Sunset Orange

As the sun popped down

below the water, the seagulls wondered why

the waters they were playing in – had a new colour applied

see while the waters were azure blue – it was easy for them to fish

the water turned to orangeade, the marine life had their wish

so instead of getting soaking wet

they let the fishes turn loose

waiting for the morning tide

when the waters weren’t orange juice

Colours Poetry Weather

Sky Blue

#CYW #Skyblue

Earth showing off its best side

when this colour is seen above

you just know its going to be a great day

occasionally, the odd marshmallow

can be seen racing one another

you needn’t worry – its a blue sky day


Shocking Pink

#CYW #Shockingpink

Some said her entrance to the office was outstanding

Her manager definitely strayed an eye, as

Orange tones of the junior redhead

Changed overnight to something a little more brighter

Keen eyed males – made more visits to the typing pool

In an effort to woo her, but

Note – the new hairstyle was only for a short while

Going back to normal after the girls night out

Colours Poetry


#cyw #shamrock

Photo by Dids on

Something makes me smile when i see it

hopping out of the ground

and providing a green border for the

many other plants out in the gardens, parks and forests

related to the pea plant – its known for its three leaves

often seen on St patricks day – it’s a proud irish emblem

clover – its cousin looks on in envy – for while they say its lucky picking four leaves, they’ll

keep on wearing the three leaves of the forest.

Acrostic Art Poetry

Purple Mountain

#CYW #Killarney #PurpleMountainMajesty

Purple Mountains, Killarney

Perhaps the imps were out last night

up where the slate rocks lie

reactions to the sun falling on the hills

people are pleased with what they see on the eye

lilacs , lavenders and amethyst shades – all those and much more

everyone visiting loves the scene – so off they do explore


Jazzy Doughnuts

A picture of two jelly donuts where one is cutted in half, showing jelly

Just look at it

a taste sensation

zesty and fruity fruit

zipped up in a sweet pastry pillow

best eaten after tea – but can be

eaten, scoffed or wolfed down at any time of day

rich red fruit at its centre

really nice with a warm cup of tea

yet you can also have it for a dessert!

Birds Colours Poetry

Pink flamingo

#cyw #pinkflamingo #octpowrimo

playing around with his feathers

Balanced on one leg

Waiting for that moment

When the keeper comes in

And throws another shovel

Of fresh Morecambe shrimp

Into the water

Colours Poetry


#CYW #Periwinkle


Dancing around in the lightest of breezes

bringing a spot of colour to parks and gardens

before the frost comes in

the ground you sit in determines your colour

sometimes you’re pink, sometimes you’re purple

but most of the time you’re as blue as the sky above you

and you shore up your fellow flowers

the daffodils and tulips keeping them standing tall

while the breeze of the wind goes through the park