Indigo paint powder – image from wikipedia #cyw #indigo It’s a colour known for its position on the rainbow nestled between its brother , blue and its sister, violet definately making a statement on the home furnishings front in fabrics, curtains, sofas and carpets garments too – brought to life by this deep dark purplyContinue reading “Indigo”

Hot Magenta

#CYW #HotMagenta Its not what you’d call a subtle colour and it couldn’t be called pink or purple a fiery marriage where red meets blue but mother nature seems to like using their off spring to bring a bit of eye catching colour to the garden look around you’ll see it every where else tooContinue reading “Hot Magenta”


Salford, 10th December 2019 #Denim #CYW Definitely the toughest of blues Everyone has a pair of these hardwearing trousers Noticeable by the Metallic buttons and press studs holding the pockets in place It’s not surprising these workers trousers have become a fashion piece Maybe its because they last longer than their tailor cut cousins