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A Kind of Window….


Barnard Castle Balcony

The room you had booked on the internet

could be called a room with a view

palatial, with sights of the gardens

your own balcony

with views of the river

it could almost be paradise

but for one little thing

mornings could be a little fresh

for in your palatial apartment

they’d forgot to put glass in any of the windows

don’t forget to wrap up warm now…..

Animals Zoo


#fowc #Mayhem

There was a great hullabaloo

at the local coastal zoo

the animals were out to play

as Mr Keeper was on holiday

The Lions were playing the rhinos

in a game of five a side

The mummy lions with their cubs

cheering on with pride

The elephants had experienced ice cream

and enjoyed the taste of the fruit

as the penguins watched on, as each ice was gone

the elephants gave a marvellous toot

The bears were visiting their cousins

in their frosty palace by the pool

sharing a dish of the finest fish

while their cubs played away in the cool

The adults on passing were outraged

but the children all laughed and they smiled

as in front of the wall, they saw most of it all

and asked to watch for a while


Ebb and Flow

#sea #seaside #waters #shells #seaweed

Photo by Pixabay on

The sea played with the man on the beach

as he walked along the sand

blue turning to sky blue then white

to catch the sun worshipper and give him a fright

But after a while the man came up to the sea

in an attempt to dip his toes

he put his feet into the blue

and in an instant froze

for while on the sand, the air was warm

the water instead, was not

it was like a bowl of ice cubes

and he was rooted to the spot

the hermit crabs signalled to the oncoming sea

about the beachcombers feet

and then in an instant

the sea beat a retreat

Colours Poetry Summer


#CYW #Aquamarine

Photo by Jill Burrow on

They say its the true colour of water

but by the time you’ve had your cordial added

the fruit has fizzled it away

It sets of a summer holiday perfectly

as the sun reflects its blue

and you wan’t to dip your toes

on perfect days, the sky mirrors the sea

and its like the sea begins where the sky ends

wonderful to look at from a deckchair

of course, the jeweller likes this colour

its the birthstone thats usually surrounded by diamonds

so its no wonder he likes it

or the colour of the eyes of the young lady

whos entered his shop

to purchase a ring with this precious stone


Forest Walk


Its early morning

It Might not be St. Tropez

but it’s got its advantages

holidaying in a forest setting

sunlight peeking through the trees

looking out for birds and squirrels

and all before returning to the comforts

of a log cabin – where little un will draw what she’s seen

Acrostic Food Fruit Holidays


#holidays #citrus #oranges #icecream

It’s funny you know

Nearly every single orange you buy – comes from Spain

and yet, when you go on holiday there you find ’em

ready – squeezed to be delivered for breakfast in a glass

and hiding away in a fridge

now if you time it right – you can get them

just right from the local grocer

and of course – after you’ve eaten your main meal – as an ice-cream!

Acrostic Holidays Seaside Summer


#fowc #sedate

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on

Some say “take it easy”

even if the sunshine is full in the sky

destination sun lounger is the place to be

after all, you’re not working for a week or two

time to enjoy the sunshine

elongated on your own sunlounger

Beach Childhood Life Seaside Summer

Small Creatures


Stood on the shore in their finest attire

Mum dad and little un

All leaving a trail on the sand

Looking out for the funny coloured seashells

Likelyhood is they’ll find you first

Crab like creatures

red, black or white

enter the range of view

as they pop up to say hello

taking a step left and sometimes right

until at last they

reach the waters edge

expect them to take a

sly nip of your wellies as they pass you

Acrostic Colours Poetry


#CYW #Tan

There’s Something to be said

about a process that turns your skin the colour of your

new sofa

Temporary it may be – but

after a holiday, it’s

nice to look at

Though – those who want it twenty four seven

are looking more brown as usual

not exactly tan – more gravy browning

Childhood Easter Holidays

Bank Holiday

Salford, 5th April 2021

#Easter #BankHoliday #Napowrimo

(with a nod to mr Roger Mcgough)

“Bank Holiday” – “Holiday in a Bank” – Image: Cartoonbank Edit by inky

While the kiddies are enjoying

What the easter bunny has left them

Someone else is enjoying some fun

behind the closed doors

The staff having fun

Building castles with pound coins and

swimming in shiny seas of five and ten pences

while their bosses enjoy a picnic

perched on plastic tenners nearby

and the manager enjoys an ice cream

in the glow of the pound coins