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  • Recipe for Success

    #Writeclub #Recipeforsuccess What makes up a successful day? Recipes vary – so make it your way curious minds working together in a task putting in an effort for the public when asked solving dilemmas in imaginative ways and providing answers to all in a day giving directions so people get to a sport whether Bow […]

  • Real


    This ain’t no pulp fiction Or a work from Shakespeare Candid Cameras aren’t hiding round to jump up and appear Events they are a happening this can’t be called “Fake News” Competitors are going for the medals Commentators – are blowing a fuse For favourites are being shown the door whilst outsiders pick up Gold […]

  • Dragonboat


    #napowrimo #chinesenewyear They landed while everyone slept Now floating majestically on The banks of the canal Awoken by the sound Of a mighty drum Cutting swiftly through water In a race to the finish Oars moving as one As dragons race head to head For the glory of the win And water makes waves As […]

  • Singing in the rain

    #In light of the lack of a fresh writing prompt – i’ve poached this one from the wordpress e-book – 365 Writing prompts….enjoy….inky.# Salford 16th June 2018 Inclement is how the weathermen would have put it the weather itself couldn’t make its mind up the sun was out – the birds were tweeting – and […]