#Fowc #Browse Bookstore owners are getting upset Reality is their customers are using the stores more like a library Objecting to paying full price for their wares When they know they can pick up a free copy from the web Simply by clicking a button on their devices Even now – they’re not picking offContinue reading “Browse”

Out in Space

Wednesday, 9th October 2019 #Space #Toys #Dreams #Octpowrimo He always wanted to travel Lego man living on the shelf his greatest descent – not a fall from grace but sent into flight from a feather duster till one day he flew onto a book that made his dreams into reality (of sorts) – as heContinue reading “Out in Space”

Bookspine Poetry

#Napowrimo , Day 10 – the bookspine challenge A seven line poem created from books on my Bookshelf Extreme perception – Reflected Memories (or) Animal Antics – Inspired by my Museum The Last word – Why don’t penguins feet freeze ? (Thinking about it only makes it worse!)