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  • Explorer


    #fffc The first signs of the alien planet from the robot explorer gave everyone’s mouths drooling it might take a few years to get there said one scientist and a few years to set up but there’s enough chocolate mousse for us to survive on for a lifetime……

  • Planet


    Positioned somewhere in the sky like a jewel on a blue – black velvet and shining brightly in the north and south halves of earths dark space every kid wondering what’s up there in the skies….visitors from other planets perhaps?

  • Rocket

    #Fowc #Rocket A bit of a slow burner i think you would call it The engines went into thrust, leaving clouds in its wake On board little tiny robots – off to explore that far off planet Cloud formations forming behind it Rising up through the blue for destination coloured orange

  • Blue and Green Marble

    in response to the prompt Earth This blue and green planet is quite unique in its own little way. sustaining life for everybody on it whether they be human, bovine, feline or vermine There’s oxygen – vital to make the creatures on it breathe – even under the water and with the oxygen and water […]

  • Another trip to Neverland…

    With me visiting hospital recently this poem brought back some memories! I hit the pillow, drift off to sleep and then out of the window, with bears do I leap. Onto a ship on its way to the clouds shiny and bright with its crew that are proud. Off to a place, hidden behind stars […]