Childhood Schooldays


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it began

quite simply

with a litmus test

sorting out acids from alkalis

colours red and blue

reactions of tiny pellets

in beakers of different solution

watching them

dance in the bubbles

as they fizzed away

changing solutions

creating new things

turning acids and alkalis

into physical coloured crystal

with combination and evaporation

Cooking Food Poetry Schooldays

Jam Roly Poly

#food #baking #pudding #jam #custard

Egg Sugar Flour and Butter

combine with fruit for something after tea

a little thing that’s fruity and sweet

with a layer that’s simply utter

delicious, flavoursome and buttery

its the fruit covered layer – that gives it a swirl

served up with custard its hard to beat

a childhood favourite – why not give it a whirl ?

Learning Life Schooldays

Back to school

There was a sullen look over breakfast

Samantha pushed her bacon and eggs around the plate

Summertime was over – it was the start of a new term

“Do I have to go” she pleaded,

at the person opposite her at the table

“I could always say i’m not well….”

The newspaper opposite her ruffled

“well that’s a fine state of affairs…..” came the voice from behind it

the children alongside her giggled as they munched on their toast

“Its Not FAIR!” she moaned – thinking back to forty eight hours ago

she’d been much happier – soaking up the sun on a warm sandy beach

A pair of eyes peered over the newspaper

“Look – if it makes you happy – i’ll drive you into work today…”

she thought of turning up at the school gates in the 4 x 4 in the garage

“Well….that’d be nice”

“I’m sure it would be – for the kids….beside’s you’ve got to go to school”


“You’re the Headmistress!!!!”

Animals Family Poetry Sea Water


#writephoto #subsea

Fish and Crockpots Image c/o KL Caley

Down on the ocean bed

the things around make a wonderful home

while the kids are learning at school

mum and dad are servicing their little home

keeping it ship-shape while

looking after their baby eggs

sheltered from prying eyes

Growing up Learning Poetry

Back to school again



a time announcing –

the summer is over. No more

creating sandcastles on the beach or

hearing the breakers hitting the shore

exercise books and pencils at the ready

learning has begun again

Unless they’ve sent you to “Big School”, your

New kit will be much like your old one

It identifies you as one of the school you see

Forms keep you and your class mates together

Of course, there are times these are

Rearranged – and to

Many – this can lead to tears

Buildings modernised

Learning now mixed

A combination of exercise books and

Computerised tablets

Key skills shown on paper, whilst

Boys and Girls search for answers

Over the invisible “Cloud”

Reading is still to be found in the library – even if its alongside

Alternatives are available

Digital Alternatives


Back Together Again

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Back Together Again (image G Chua-Tran)

It’s been a few weeks since they last saw each other

spending time away from work

and enjoying the pleasures of “Summer Break”

Sea and Sand now replaced

by playground tarmac

What pleasures arise now work recommences is

anybodys guess

preparation started as soon as the bags dropped at home

new faces for year ones

new challenges for year twos

all to be put together on bits of paper

so the head and his deputies know

what’s going on

Colours Food Fruit Poetry

Vivid Fruit

#vividtangerine #cyw

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Set among the apples , damsons and lemons

there’s always one fruit the children are drawn to

brightly coloured, and fitted easily in the hand

lots of little segments to enjoy in

a schooltime break

Character Learning

Getting there


based on the prompt “if you fail, try again”

Achievement they say,

is a wonderful thing.

He left the grand halls of learning

with each wrinkle on his worn face

turning upwards

Plenty of Sand had

made its way through

this learners egg timer

Perseverance – the key

and the cracking of those

Mystical codes – they call formulae

Younger peers – had scaled the tops

but it didn’t matter to this elderly pops

for years he’d had to settle for “D”s

but now in Maths – he’d got a “C”

Lockdown poems Poetry

Not So Bad

#schooldays #promptuarium

With the current lockdown

the kids are back in school

forget the bug that’s virulent

the doctors overruled

Schooldesks spaced out plenty

while lessons start anew

learning english maths and all

for tests that are a due

And playtime the kids are spaced out

in their own little spots and squares

its not much fun playing on your own

but at least you’re in the fresh air

But the signs of good things a coming

can be smelt coming down from the hall

the smell of custard with pudding

has made its way through the classroom wall


How do you spel dat ?

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Another rememberence

another skool – daze

where in “High School”

Armed with Splints, Pencils and Pens

you sat in year 1 Geography or History

discussing the big dine – o – saurs and where they lived

Tee-rhino-saw us and dip lod die cuss

on places not Salford or even London

and you wondered why they were talking of plates

when dinner was hours away

“Tri – cereal – Tops” ?

i much preferred Rice Krispies to Cornflakes