#CYW #Chestnut 6th November 2019 Coming from two trees that hold its name Horse and Sweet varieties exist Each Autumn kids can be found playing games with conkers Sweet fare created from the conkers sibling Tartlets and pies and they’re even used at the Christmas table Note however – you can’t eat the conker UnlessContinue reading “Chestnut”

Magic Roundabout

Carousel An acrostic on the Carousel, by Inky.     Crazy, the way this amusement ride of colour turns round and around to the sound of the pipes in its middle under the musics charms the stallions and fillies move up and down expect laughter and cheers from the little ones, who’ve been waiting allContinue reading “Magic Roundabout”

Ode to a Horse and Cart

I remember as a child seeing the Rag and Bone man coming through the streets of Salford with his Horses and Cart, this ode is dedicated to them   When I look at your eyes, your tale sings out, Cerebral thoughts move slowly through the cobbled streets. Children listen to your song of Melancholy asContinue reading “Ode to a Horse and Cart”

Blacksmith II

in response to Leftovers Sandwich A poem created from the left out scribbles of “The blacksmith” – perfect for the Leftovers sandwich challenge. fire burning brightly forging metal by the smith who fixes up the shoes for a grateful shire horse in the gloom of a metal foundry a mighty beasts shoes take form onContinue reading “Blacksmith II”