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Pint Sized Sheriff

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Note from Inky : I’ve used the english terms for the younger end of school here, i realise they might be different elsewhere!

In response to the write club prompt “I am the law”

Written in a moment of insomnia by inky.

The posse in the playground are all taking cover –

there’s a new sheriff in town

Rolling into the playground on his wheeled silver horse

he’ll take on the bad guys (and raiders of course)

new hat, new leathers and britches

he’ll sort out the wild west of this dry gulch school

They took out the last sheriff in a high stakes duel

he landed on his bottom in the paddling pool!

And covered in sticky and given a fright

his deputies were in soapy suds for most of the night

The bandits they raided the tuck shop and all

till the leader of the playground sent out a call

Dressed in his boots and his one gallon hat

he yelled “i’m the sheriff!” and that was that

Water cascaded from east to the west

and the soaked bandits gave up to the sheriff that was best.

So to supersoakers in playground there’s a new kid in town

armed with his water pistols he’ll take them all down.

Post Note: When all of this happened teachers were in a muddle

on a bright shiny day the playground was a puddle!

Acrostic Autumn Nature Poetry Seasons


#CYW #Chestnut

6th November 2019

Coming from two trees that hold its name

Horse and Sweet varieties exist

Each Autumn kids can be found playing games with conkers

Sweet fare created from the conkers sibling

Tartlets and pies and they’re even used at the Christmas table

Note however – you can’t eat the conker

Unless of course – you happen to be a squirrel

Though its easier if you find one – to plant it for a new tree.



Call it horse riding with a difference

As the music starts and your horse goes

Round and Round

On the edge – you see your mum and dad cheer you on

Until its time to get off your ride’s back

Sailing in circles, one after the other

Enjoyment, with lights and music

Loving every Minute

Acrostic Poetry Transport



When stone age man had an idea – to get from a to b

He went through a few stages to perfect it

Each time he’d chip away and when he did – the idea

Evolved – it would take a bit

Longer before he put the horse before the cart – but it was a start

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Magic Roundabout


An acrostic on the Carousel, by Inky.




Crazy, the way this

amusement ride of colour turns

round and around to the sound

of the pipes in its middle

under the musics charms the

stallions and fillies move up and down

expect laughter and cheers from the

little ones, who’ve been waiting all summer to ride it

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Ode to a Horse and Cart

I remember as a child seeing the Rag and Bone man coming through the streets of Salford with his Horses and Cart, this ode is dedicated to them


When I look at your eyes, your tale sings out,

Cerebral thoughts move slowly through the cobbled streets.

Children listen to your song of Melancholy

as you tirelessly lag your Masters goods around

But Complain You ? for this noblest of the Ark?

No, you’ve done your bit, and made your mark

As your owner rides you and your cart through the rain

You move across ground, like an express train

And when trading’s over and night comes to pass

You’ll sleep outside caravan – enjoying long grass


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Blacksmith II

in response to Leftovers Sandwich

A poem created from the left out scribbles of “The blacksmith” – perfect for the Leftovers sandwich challenge.

fire burning brightly

forging metal by the smith

who fixes up the shoes

for a grateful shire horse

in the gloom

of a metal foundry

a mighty beasts shoes

take form on an anvil

Wheels of industry

wait patiently

on Northern Cobbles

for Engine’s shoes

The smith – Honest to the last

taking care of his customer

crafting shoes to a size

to earn his prize

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Nose in a Book

Its two o’ clock in the morning GMT – and I’ve got my nose in a book.

A real one – not an e-reader version.

No, it’s nothing I’ve written – although if I was to blow my own trumpet – I’d be telling you how great my profile is on and getting you all to take a look….

(I’m not that vain….)


No, tonight i’m reading Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse.

It’s a tale of a Horse sold to the cavalry in world war I, and his owners mission to get him back home from the trenches.

I’m going to read it again before I get round to watching the film on DVD – something about books advantage over film – you get to draw your own pictures.

I’ll also be writing one or two lines for IWM North’s shop when i’m done.