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The first signs of the alien planet

from the robot explorer

gave everyone’s mouths drooling

it might take a few years to get there

said one scientist

and a few years to set up

but there’s enough chocolate mousse

for us to survive on for a lifetime……

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Ultimate Questions

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Ultimate questions

a thoughtful poem by inky

There are some things you could spend Millennia on

Like what’s beyond the star ?

Is it possible there’s some other life

on a planet way off far ?

and if they do reside on a far off planet

do they know if we exist ?

and do they act like our great scientists

going round the twist?

for they know without travel – by speed of light

it would take us many years

before another planet, like earth

would eventually appear

Or have they mastered travel by UFO

between our planets to and fro ?

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Annija Veldre

The aliens were a little bemused

for while floating around earth, in the sky

they spotted something , that made them confused

and made them ask each other why?

for sat by a stretch of a sandy beach

a little girl stood surrounded by sea

attracted by the balloons –

there were two or three

“Would you like some help” – said the captain of craft

as the planets , they pulled her, fore and aft

“er yes,sir” the girl called out a little amused

seeing the spaceship – left her confused

The planets – above her – had lost their way

and some, like Jupiter were starting to stray

so the captain called up some extra ships

to grasp on the planets lines for grip

And the spaceships pulled the planets up to the sky

letting go of the planets and watching them fly

as they moved in the darkness with plenty of grace

as they found their positions in the map of space

And the girl in this story – well, what of her ?

The aliens discussed and began to confer

and gave her a gift that was worth more than balloons

precious stones from the rocket made when it went zoom

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Staring at the Moon

#MLMM #Photochallenge

Image : (credit: Veerendra at

Looking up at the sky,

It didn’t seem so far away

Going about its business

Helping out the stars

To lighten up the darkness

Ingenious people – wanted to build a place there

Of course, if it were offered

Up in a rocket she would go

Staying in a home among the stars

Character Poetry Space

Universal Change

#Character #Space #Universe #writeclub

Universe , painted (image by inky from an image from Google)

While the planets

Go round the Sun (our star)

and far off systems

go round their own stars

something keeps

space and time moving

The old man of space

keeps mother milky way , Andromeda

and her other brothers and sisters

turning while he watches on

There have been times

when he really wanted a change of scene

but instead – he kept going

in the same direction

So don’t be dismayed – if the stars out at night

seem out of place – and not quite right

Our dear old universe just want’s to play

It’s why all the patterns don’t look the right way

Buildings Poetry Space

Rising up

#Napowrimo #paperswans #building #tower #lights

From the towers base

you could easily make

out where you saw

pathway to cosmos

lit up in plasma colours

laser pink and blue

UFO Friendly ?

a call to every craft –

“Come and Visit!”

Acrostic Space


#Fowc #Space


Stars and Planets

Positioned Perfectly on

A darkened canvas

Comets , asteroids and meteors

Exploring from east to west


Sensational colours across the sky

Purples Pinks and other Rainbow tones

As you view the sights of

Creation of new planets from the

Explosion of an old star


Satellites travel through the darkness

Passing each planet on the way

Are the aliens at home ? or are they

Creating Mischief

Exciting young and old at the sight of a UFO ?

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North of the farm

#Promptuarium #Aliens #farm

Mr and Mrs Giles

were bemused to say the least

when their arable field became home

to an enormous beast

Two visitors from mars

knocked on their door

and sheepishly sent

their eyes to the floor

“we’re sorry we landed, in your field Mr Giles

but there wasn’t a place for Daisy for miles

Our cow she’s quite big with eighteen legs

And she wanted a spot to lay her eggs”

So the farmer he went with his alien friends

and saw poor old daisy sat on her end

around her , and dotted around her legs

very large sized, massive, brown and white eggs

“There’s enough in this egg for one thousand teas”

and the aliens said they could have as much as they pleased

so long as the rest, could be picked up and stored

they could use that egg as a thank you reward

So the daisy slept in a barn for the night

and the aliens and the farmer , to avoid others fright

fixed up the spaceship – while everyone was asleep

even the prize ram who would gambol and leap

just before daybreak, in the air they would fly

towards their home in the far off sky

and farmer giles was more happy than pleased

as he started to sell cakes, buns and teas

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Mars : Image c/o Bing

Positioned somewhere in the sky

like a jewel on a blue – black velvet

and shining brightly in the

north and south halves of earths dark space

every kid wondering what’s up

there in the skies….visitors from other planets perhaps?

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Space – a poem

#Space #Acrostic #Art

Someone sent a message through the solar system, and it was

Picked up by a friendly

Alien – who having enjoyed a

Colourful excursion on the Mother planet

Earth, packed up his bucket and spade and headed for the Blue and Green