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  • Ribbit


    #writephoto #ribbit a tale of frogs and toads, by inky Floating around the water tank a couple of amphibians from the river bank who followed the clay pipes from the stream and skipped towards the sunlight as if in a dream everything was great in their little home till something from the pipes turned the […]

  • Bank Holiday II

    #Bank #holiday #summer They’re having a whale of a time down at the local branch of your bank today basking in the glow of a beach made of pound coins and swimming in a sea of five pound notes and playing with corals of five pence stacks enjoying ice creams as the glow radiates and […]

  • Taken over

    #Horror beware, meat eaters the times they are a changin’ your local supermercado is under new management and things they’re re-arranging see you won’t find chicken’s in the frozen isle you’ll find them on a grass bank by the store fruit and veg are all been sown and the stuff in the store has all […]

  • A Small Crime

    A Small Crime

    #writeclub a writeclub piece by inky In their own way the bank staff declared an unofficial holiday Bold as brass – they walked out with sass with all the copper pennies increasing the cost of the sweet shops the 99p shops and chemmies for while they were living the high life with the money that […]

  • Stuck in the Mud

    Stuck in the Mud

    You thought it would be easy, ignoring all the hallows crossing the river as you did safe (so you thought) , in the shallows the water was cool and slow as you dipped your toes in fast but as you crossed to the the other side you found yourself aghast For the soft brown mud, […]

  • Bank Holiday

    Bank Holiday

    Salford, 5th April 2021 #Easter #BankHoliday #Napowrimo (with a nod to mr Roger Mcgough) While the kiddies are enjoying What the easter bunny has left them Someone else is enjoying some fun behind the closed doors The staff having fun Building castles with pound coins and swimming in shiny seas of five and ten pences […]

  • Meditation

    My mind was focused on two large pine cones engaged in a race under an iron bridge determined to reach the other side in order to beat the other to the bank a force of nature willing them on to reach the end before their friend if you were wondering who won of course – […]

  • Guardian

    #writephoto #prompt Family sit on the bank, they’ve been doing this for years keeping an eye out for their neighbours providing cover from the atlantic wind for the plants, and sometimes an animal or bird and giving shade to the pretties in pink their reward for this task watching the breakers coming in to the […]

  • Piggy Pink

    Piggy Pink

    #Piggypink #Coloryourworld #cyw #pig #bacon #bank Piggy is much more than humble bacon It’s common to many – you’re not mistaken Generous to a fault is dear old pig Got to be said – his heart is big Yet to avoid the fate of the butchers hook he will be found – tending your bank […]