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school of fish …. image by inky

down in the deep

where the water is warm

young fish come out of school

to play among the coral

going west and then east

following tide and current,

and as one fish catches the other

he calls he calls out in bubbles…’re it.
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Two Brothers

A tale of two neighbourhood cats – c/o my profile on

Sat on a grassy spot,
someplace by the house
two brothers sit on the outside porch
dreaming about a mouse

They’re waiting for their mum
to serve up summat for tea
and have been playing in the backyard
rolling in the grass with glee

Prowling through the green grass
as not to be seen or heard
pouncing on patches of lawn
hunting for a bird

Climbing on tables and chairs
in their fur all black and white
pondering what’s their catfood tray
thinking – what’s for tea tonight ?

Acrostic Clothes Garden




Running through a rose garden

often ruins your clothes

Specially if you are wearing a woollen jumper

expect those knitted specialities to get

Snagged on a spike or two – creating a hole that’ll need to be patched

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A Clouds Tale

Some readers might think they recognise this post – I haven’t reposted it.  This poem was an inspiration for a “Tale of a Kite”

The clouds were playing in the clear blue sky
when one got frustrated with one of his toys
he’d found it on a stretch of sand
and was quite happy watching it fall and land
but try as he might he couldn’t make it fly
and gave aloud a little cry
Said mother nature to the lad
“now now little one its not all a fuss
the tail needs untangling – it could have been worse”
She fixed it up with bits of shell
washed up plastic , and marble as well
and when all was well, the cloud blew it in the air
playing in th’sunshine without a care