Category: Schooldays

  • Silent

    #Socs #Silent It’s no wonder the dictionary is so full today letters seem to have tip-toed in without a sound chorus of approval from teachers as characters wrangle their way in like dark knights entering the castle crescent as you write, the letters appear like ghosts but read them out wrong – in class – […]

  • Scent

    #socs #scent Its travelling on the wind something you’re reminded of something from your adolescent youth up in the air – it triggers a memory engaging a moment from schooldays sweet as strawberries crafted before the school disco when engaging young beauties shared a moment with the new lads on the dancefloor taking their hands […]

  • The overwhelming desire to straighten everything

    #napowrimo #writeclub 6th April 2022 As always, with these prompts – a quick thank you to the provider Mel @ Writeclub you are a star! It’s not a compulsion, condition or whim but i’d be worried for the items on the desk of Miss Prim I’m all for everything being in proper place but this […]

  • Marble


    #Marble It’s been rolling about In your pocket for a while now Waiting to bump into its chums on the playground floor Travelling at some speed into the collective amassed Some greet him warmly whilst others dart off quickly

  • Repetitive

    #fowc #repetitive I remember in school being given a time tables square we’d sit in class and for five minutes go over the tables over and over again We’d make things from Balsa and clay and off to mum and dad we’d take them away but unlike times tables the creations were made – our […]

  • Experimental

    it began quite simply with a litmus test sorting out acids from alkalis colours red and blue reactions of tiny pellets in beakers of different solution watching them dance in the bubbles as they fizzed away changing solutions creating new things turning acids and alkalis into physical coloured crystal with combination and evaporation

  • Jam Roly Poly

    Jam Roly Poly

    #food #baking #pudding #jam #custard Egg Sugar Flour and Butter combine with fruit for something after tea a little thing that’s fruity and sweet with a layer that’s simply utter delicious, flavoursome and buttery its the fruit covered layer – that gives it a swirl served up with custard its hard to beat a childhood […]

  • Back to school

    Back to school

    There was a sullen look over breakfast Samantha pushed her bacon and eggs around the plate Summertime was over – it was the start of a new term “Do I have to go” she pleaded, at the person opposite her at the table “I could always say i’m not well….” The newspaper opposite her ruffled […]

  • Battleships

    #fowc #strategy school fun in the playground taking time out from spelling and sums rolling out your fleet of ships as you mark them out on your eight by eight grid then you guess where your pal has hidden his each marking the guesses with a cross where each vessel is you’ll play this all […]

  • Roolz

    #Poetry #Writeclub #Rules #School Stop Fidgeting, keep hands on the tablethen pick up the pencil and solve if you’re ablethe exercise given on the chalk boardand follow the teachers instructions to the hordeTreat your books with respect – and you will passdon’t scribble or leave them lying on the grasslose them and your folks will […]