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  • Clever Doggie

    Clever Doggie

    #WDYS They say dogs are cleverer than cats but this one stands tall among the rest despite the fact he’s rather small he drives the other dogs bats for he can skateboard, paint and take on the best running his opponents for a bone and while other dogs hit the wall he’ll take the prize […]

  • Imagination


    #WDYS In response to the What do you see? prompt Its like the words flew off the page as they drew a picture of a pirate and his crew searching a far off island on the search for buried treasure and as i tell the tale two little heads, play peek a boo under the […]

  • Confuse


    #MLMM Passers by wondered what he was doing there…. head resting on the concrete plinth was he sleeping ? or did he need help ? what was clear was he was drawing a crowd and confusing the heck out of everyone there

  • Old Friends

    Old Friends

    #MLMM #Photochallenge A shaggy reunion the dogs from the pound now happily re-homed in new homes around They all know each other from their time inside where they spent time together a moment of pride And the big dogs taught the little how to sit, beg and stay so they knew what to do when […]

  • Memoir


    #FFFC The authors head rested on his final works like he was still in the room. The candle smouldering – not yet out the last grains of sand in the hourglass making their slow passage from the top to the bottom Treasures within the leather, bounties untold but they’d have to look at edition II […]

  • Vista


    #writephoto #vista View from the top of this very big hill is breathtaking (literally) some say its a bit barmy climbing up all that way to take a picture or admire the view – but at the end of the day – its worth it (even better with a picnic)

  • Horizon II

    Horizon II

    #Fowc #Horizon #HorizonII Half way tween the earth and the sky On which the sun exchanges places with the moon Reality is although you can see it In your eye line – you’ll find it impossible to reach Zero degrees – and its all so far away On the occasion you’ve reached your destination – […]

  • Time travel

    #Promptuarium #Photo Album

  • Cees Fun Photo Challenge – E

    Cees Fun Photo Challenge – E

    #CFFC This week, the challenge was to find pictures with words with two Es in them. So, to start off – here’s an artwork, created by me from a stock photo from google.  It’s an African Elephant – and its recognisable by its two big ears!  I chose this to begin as they reminded me of […]

  • Anticipation photo challenge

    In response to the photo challenge prompt Anticipation looking forward to Christmas 🎄 😋