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  • Island Fortress

    #writephoto No Man is an Island, or so they say Out in the depths of the lake, someone’s Built a structure, with gates and turrets On the shore, its difficult to tell Right now, how the owner gets his groceries Down by the bay, there’s a jetty Except for the fact – there’s no boat […]

  • Sanctuary

    #writephoto It’s not a million miles away If you tried, you could make it across by foot, but Immersion into icy depths of water Isn’t really advised – particularly in a cold snap It’s where the wild birds go to escape the gamekeepers In the middle you’ll find an established willow tree, and If you […]

  • Disaster


    #fowc #Disaster The islanders were not aware the fates would turn their watchful glare on them The beast below was fast asleep till something made it jump and leap near them And from the ground – and covering rock the lava rained – giving people shock round them and rescuers gathered around with every naval […]

  • Imagination


    #WDYS In response to the What do you see? prompt Its like the words flew off the page as they drew a picture of a pirate and his crew searching a far off island on the search for buried treasure and as i tell the tale two little heads, play peek a boo under the […]

  • Restless


    #wwp #napowrimo #restless Sat on paradise island itchy feet wants to get moving the island in distance seems a much nicer one

  • Time Travelling Tourist

    #Promptuarium Taking a look at the airport departure board often a dilemma for the most seasoned traveller unless of course you’re waiting for the right moment rolling up for the open portal in time to land at your destination soft white sands and warm summer waters taken in the blink of an eye

  • Fantasy Island

    Fantasy Island

    #Writephoto #Fantasy For years that place in the middle of the sea was a folly, a place for the well to do’s to admire from their nice windows of the lakeside apartments today, its so much more than this – it’s a place where your imagination can go mad somewhere you can land your boat […]

  • Courage

    Could you over come your fears ? On the day I took this photo – on an island in Greece , i Undertook a feat, i’d never accomplish Rallying up a number of steep steps to Achieve a goal – it made me feel Great knowing i’d reached the summit and Enjoyed a cool drink […]

  • Ascending II

    Manchester (Via Rhodes) , 5th November 2018 As the fire took hold of the wood I watched magical trails rise high in the air Releasing colourful patterns in the sky Rhodes ancient buildings painted Over by Beautiful light Created by Ignition – rising over walls and Keep of the old city , bringing smiles to […]

  • Peculiar

    Peculiar A reflection.   Sat a cafe bar on a greek island, enjoying fish and chips taking in the breeze off the azure blue sea and observing the comings and goings of the day – when reactions are heightened by two feathered locals kept company down the marble path by their owner   ! i’d […]