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  • Throwback Thursday #46 – Secrets, Hiding Places and Niches

    #Throwbackthursday Secret Spots in the House? there were always one or two spots out of the eyeshot of mum’s dad’s sisters and cousins places where you could shuffle away hidden treasures in the form of fudge or chocolate treats determined young cousins would always end up in some sort of treasure hunt navigating through the […]

  • Nothing

    #writeclub #napowrimo #nothing A Writeclub Prompt C/o Louis Imagine a place where underfoot layer after layer there was only soot You’d dig for treasure Diamonds and Gold only to find yourself growing old for searching like crazy in apparent red mist the only thing found that seemed to persist was the movement of soot to […]

  • Fissure


    #Fowc #Fissure They drilled a small hole to get to the treasures hidden below The hole let in water and lava from below and the small hole it moved and began to grow and as lava met water it created steam creating a water funnel in the extreme and the lava it cooled filling the […]

  • Imagination


    #WDYS In response to the What do you see? prompt Its like the words flew off the page as they drew a picture of a pirate and his crew searching a far off island on the search for buried treasure and as i tell the tale two little heads, play peek a boo under the […]

  • Barnacle Bob’s booty

    Barnacle Bob’s booty

    #Writephoto #Pirate #treasure They say Barnacle Bob was a buccaneering pirate bigger than Blackbeard He kept quiet where he kept his plunder of diamonds , silver and gold they say, to the grim reaper its been sold His body buried in a simple hole the treasure hunters surveyed it whole to locate this precious valuable […]

  • Silver

    #writephoto #silver Should any foolhardy person want to go treasure hunting it’s not the treasure horde of a long lost pirate down in that water view you see is merely Ra peering at himself in a mirror even if you went down into the depths reflections would evaporate….and you would only be saying Hi to […]

  • Chasing Rainbows

    Chasing Rainbows

    A response to photo challenge #319 at mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com Appearance of seven bright colours Breaking through the skies leads to a Chase through the streets by some in a Desperate (or plain daft) attempt to grab Elven, pixie or Leprechaun treasure Fate decrees though, by the time the hunters Get to their multi-coloured target , the […]

  • Map

    #map #fowc many a sailor or perhaps a buccaneer has used one of these in pursuit of treasure many you will find, as a guide for potential explorers putting their feet across peak district peat bogs most are a guide for weary travellers ambling across the uk road network perhaps they could have taken the […]

  • Compass

    #fowc #compass Crafted over time for those On the seven seas to Move across areas of charts Positioned to cross from Areas of land in the north to island in the South, enabling prospectors to Sail in the search for treasure

  • The box

    #promptuarium sat by the sea shore left by some peg legged pirate locked treasure awaits uncovered booty hidden away for decades awaiting release precious gold and jewels lie sleeping in the casket waiting for a key