What makes me

#Octpowrimo #Whoami A notable thing is character Being ones self Creative experiences that Define who you are Even if its the only thing they’ll know you for A few bumps and scratches along the way Brain ops and chicken pox two little obstacles Cerebral Palsy and “Juvenile arthritis” the other Determination to walk and overcomeContinue reading “What makes me”

What’s Awesome?

#Fowc #Awesome Salford 4th June 2019 If this reads a bit like a list – It’s not supposed to be! Things I’ve done, Places I’ve seen Being a cog as part of a much larger machine Taking up writing as self – therapy Helping out run some great events for free Greeting students at theContinue reading “What’s Awesome?”


An acrostic in response to Iscriblrs freedom of expression challenge Could it be Over time and days Moments you would call ‘voluntary’, were Much more that that, as In time you invest … something more than money The effort, the graft and all for Mere thanks for filling in the role Expected Noted perhaps, atContinue reading “Commitment”

Summat’s Brewing

Tea Salford, 29th June 2017 New day, new morning, New opportunity. Granted, it might not be paid.  But I’m working with some great people I’m approaching my new role with little baby steps (odd for a 40-odd yr old) and all with a smile! taking and delivering orders, brewing cuppas, washing pots and pans andContinue reading “Summat’s Brewing”

Fashion on the Ration

Salford 5th January 2017 This afternoon, I’ve been helping out at Imperial War Museum North just over the bridge from Salford, by the banks of the Manchester ship canal. Regular readers will know I help out with the computers on the “Your History” information point and throughout the Main exhibition space.  Well, Today I’ve been directing visitors byContinue reading “Fashion on the Ration”


Martyr I’m a martyr to my aches and pains I Really Despise that phrase with a passion. There’s a reason for this.  Firstly, when I was born (a month early – apparently), I didn’t ask for the conditions that were thrown at me. I’m split – in some ways – in the fact that withoutContinue reading “Martyrdom”

Thursday Afternoon 4PM

#Weekendcoffeeshare Sat in a coffee house of Italian Style Giving my feet a rest for a while having traversed the floor of a great gallery my feet need a rest – and I start to agree   I order a late lunch – between two bread rolls and sit down at table to rest upContinue reading “Thursday Afternoon 4PM”

New Day of Vollying

Monday Afternoon saw me returning back over the Bridge to the Home of the Imperial War Museum in the North, on the Trafford side of the Manchester Ship Canal Today has seen me on the Information point Handling trolley, where visitors from all around the country have been able to look at objects and pick themContinue reading “New Day of Vollying”