Poppies return

#rememberance #poppies Something grand has fallen softly on the floor of the war museum numbers of red poppies fall down from a point in the sky you may ask – why ? to remember those on flanders field and other battles now revealed now tumbled down to museum floor and remembered – the fallen –Continue reading “Poppies return”

Open once more

#Museums The exhibits are rising out on the floor – something is moving movement of visitors feet going round the space making a beeline for historic items and artwork out on display – just waiting to be seen reactions – muted behind a mask – but out on the museum floor – they’re just happyContinue reading “Open once more”

Grin and Bear it

Manchester Museum, 1st March 2021 It’s not easy being king of the dinos you’re buried under the land for what seems like ages and kept away from the sun so you take a bit of a nap all of a sudden, something with teeth like yours is uncovering you, in the cold and they’re usingContinue reading “Grin and Bear it”


A write club acrostic, written by inky. #Imperialwarmuseum #Airfix #Planes #Squadron #Military #Aircraft Sat atop a great height quite a few planes, old and new used to being in hangars, have found a home by the waters of a canal definitely a peacetime operation red arrows escorting a Spitfire veteran and other D-Day participants –Continue reading “Squadron”


Salford (via Manchester Museum), 20th June 2020 King of the Dinosaurs! woken up by the sound of a wide brush, and now sitting proud in a grand hall towering over us all while human children look and read, what he liked, for a feed.


Salford, 6th April 2020 #fowc #engine Every mechanic knows – it’s Not the wheels , but the engine that Get’s a driver from A to B It’s truly – the heart of any transport Naval, bus, car or motor bike Exception – if you’re reliant on foot or pedal power


#poetry #learning #expectation Salford 16th February A piece on school visits Three coaches rolled up in the car park One blue, one black, one green Passing auntie, the football and the shops Traffic jams were no fun Or Waiting for the man with the sign to Pass go from stop There were grumbles getting offContinue reading “Achievement”


#Fowc #Advance #Museums A group of eager young minds Dropped in on a historical building or two today Very interested in taking in the displays And getting a feel of some real items used of the time Now , anyone could tell their enthusiasm was building as one or two led a Charge up theContinue reading “Advance”

Recipe for Learning

Salford 5th February 2020 A tale of a meet and greeter at IWM North, Manchester Take a good handful of young minds and interesting artifacts from a fire engine to a British tank under some really unusual lighting give them a tale of a teapot smashed and hold their attention with items in a displayContinue reading “Recipe for Learning”