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Down the Plughole

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Down the Plughole with whirl applied

Singing along

The Guitar Player by José Ferraz de Almeida Júnior

He’s playing that melody

a simple folk song

on his six string guitar

about a boat on the sea

and the fisherman strong

attracting a crowd

from villages afar

and they’re joining in the chorus – aloud

Art Arts Domestic Poetry Schooldays


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Photo by Vansh Sharma on

I remember in school

being given a time tables square

we’d sit in class

and for five minutes

go over the tables

over and over again

We’d make things

from Balsa and clay

and off to mum and dad

we’d take them away

but unlike times tables

the creations were made – our way

I was in a store – the other day

and took an interest of plates and jars

all looking the same with patterns, dots and bars

no element of craft – all made by machine

I don’t think my Art teacher – would be so keen

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#WWP #Brush

Photo by Lum3n on

bringing a splash of colour to the white canvas

reds blues and greens mingle creating something

most pleasing to the donors eye

artist imagination (or perhaps water) – the only obstacle

to transferring the vision to the board

Making a mess ? he doesn’t think so

all art is subjective when you look at it

the splashes of colour ? satellite moons

encircling the red/blue planet

initial expressions ? positive

the colourful brushwork admired

maybe not to the pristine standard

of an old master

but good enough for the kindergarten wall

Arts Poetry

Art in Glass

#Art #Stained Glass #Marble

Hummingbird (Marbled Stained Glass) by inky

The hot molten glass

found its way around each

leaden nook and cranny

not what you would call

your average coloured glass

tones mingled past lead

colours falling through

the cut panels of crystal

painting floor patterns

Movement by Sunshine

makes the bird in the wired glass

look as it takes off



#fowc #fallible

Photo by Pixabay on

Even the finest craftsman can have an off day

as his customer looked somewhat bemused

at the shards of coloured glass

lying on the museum floor

scattered shards of red, blue and green

had fallen to the ground

to repair the glass scenery

would cost more than a pound

but examining the fixative

made assisting builders smile

he’d used peanut butter instead of putty or lead

so the birds would be round for a while

Art Arts Poetry

Looks Familiar


Splashing something sunny

over somebody else’s scrawled tag

you know the work but do you know the artist ?

Art Arts Poetry

Painting by Numbers

#Art #Poetry #Writeclub

A Colourful Tiger / Painting by Numbers

Maybe i’ll never be a Picasso….

and Lowry’s paintings are safe from my brush

reality is whilst i can do a bit of a sketch

keeping to the borders with my HB Pencil

its getting the colours on the canvas right – that’s why the

numbers on the pre-printed board are

great – for they tell me where the colours should go

On go the Orange’s, the greens and the browns

Until its time for the greys and the blacks

Taking my time – layering the paint – forms a picture of the puddytat.

Acrostic Animals Arts Poetry


#Art #Colours #Meditation

Coloring relaxation from the menagerie : Gorilla

You could call it – heading for another plane

as the individual colours fall

positioning themselves in the various

pictures shapes that make up the image

If you look close enough they’ll form the animal

note the triangle , circles and feather like shapes that make the

gorilla – as you fill in the shapes – you can almost hear it



#thought #definition

Alternate definition : where writing implements sleep

crafted from the finest tree

a spot where writing implements

relax before pursuing their art

engaging colour shape and form on paper or canvas

fulfilling the artists ideas and concepts

until the task is done, only then will they

lie down and take a nap