Adventures in the garden

#Promptuarium #HugeCreatures we went looking for bugs in the garden each of us using a magnifier, every kind of insect was spotted varying from a caterpillar to a spotty ladybird in fact many were interested in our looking glass – 7 weevils in a line looked like monsters!

Things with two Ts

#CFFC #LetterT Challenge for the Letter T entry was a little different – any photo but must have two Ts in the title So as i pondered over some buttered toast , i considered what sort of images i could use I like butterflies, i like the coloured patterns on their wings I took this picture ofContinue reading “Things with two Ts”

Soil (II)

An acrostic by inky, in response to the daily post prompt Soil Some people – call it the ground One of natures building blocks If you looked at it – from deep below – you would call it Life itself   Several different creatures – they call it home On occasion , they climb outContinue reading “Soil (II)”

Pest (An Acrostic)

Pest Perhaps they’re not Everybody’s cup of tea Some think They’re downright dangerous   People think that their Eggs and larvae will eat through the house Some forget – They’re not termites – they prefer the soil.   Put in context though – If they weren’t there Everyone of the animals that eats these insectsContinue reading “Pest (An Acrostic)”


Salford 25th July 2017 A tale of Amber, the natural substance that comes from a tree, and is used in jewellery (posted on – Coming from a tree sap, slow, and sticky it likes to collect things as it goes Capturing the residents that live off the bark holding them all – freeze frameContinue reading “Amber”


      Soil source of growth our garden plants depend on it its home for all sorts of life like worms, beetles and ants   such an important base needs nutrients on certain mornings , water and fertiliser is added , to let the seedlings and bulbs lift their flowers into the sky andContinue reading “Soil”